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Blaze9292708d ago

Hopefully since its the PS3 and xbox 360 that they can do a 'real' sims game on the consoles - a straight PC port.

Will be interesting to find out.

If its anything like the sims 2 on PS2 then no thanks. Sims 1 was decent

sid4gamerfreak2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

lol u do realize this is gonna fail right? Some games are meant to be played ONLY on the pc. Yes, there r other handheld versions of it but by far, the pc version is the best.

darkmurder2708d ago

Gimmu waba sim sim - Translates to fail.

Microsoft Xbox 3602708d ago

Should work great with the PS Move.

EvilBlackCat2708d ago


El_Colombiano2707d ago

This isn't a straight port. It is a spin off for EA to milk.

vhero2707d ago

They announced this ages ago however we will probably get yet another crappy console port. I would like a real port with a decent house builder as thats the best and only fun part about sims.

Dee_912706d ago

I might still get it for pc if the console version is watered down

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dazzalfc2708d ago

Pseronally not a fan of the Sims'll be interesting to see what support, if any, the 360/PS3 will get in terms of adding custom content from the internet, as adding objects/items/characters that people have created seems to be one of the big draws for the Sims franchise

SuperSaiyan42708d ago

EA already announced a few months ago that SIMs would be coming to the console.

sGIBMBR2708d ago

it'd be fun if it was MMO :P

Seferoth752708d ago

They did that already and it bombed pretty hard.

Wrathman2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

sony should have dun this with HOME.

*looks at the sims and looks at HOME*SEES SIMILARITIES

HOME would be epic if it was like the sims.take your HOME avatar and incorporate the real world interactions with the megalomaniac features of the sims.

it would be would be like a MMORPG.AND IT COULD WORK.your neighbourhood limited to 20 of your friends in a game of keeping up with the jones's.biggest house wins.

fvuk im play it

MAiKU2708d ago

In home your character is your avatar.

In Sims your character is like artificial A.i. that you have to take care of and mold.

In home it's socializing.

In The Sims it's a life simulation game, like a virtual pet.

Although i see the success in this, the point of home was gamer socialization and customizable avatars and spaces. Like a social network.

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The story is too old to be commented.