MMO Weekly: Elitist Fracking Bastards

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis discusses that certain breed of player, the dreaded elitist. A snip:

"Hey there, my fellow avatar pilots, and welcome to this week's oh-so-friendly edition of MMO Weekly. In this week's write-up, I'm going to explore an increasingly common playstyle among MMO gamers. That playstyle? The Elitist Fracking Bastard, or EFB."

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thetamer3003d ago

Does this apply to Apple users too?

Malfurion3003d ago

They're the worst kind! j/k

Leord3003d ago

EFB is not a platform discriminating group of people :)

Maticus3003d ago

I know people who pride themselves on being elitist. It's a shame, games are for fun aren't they?

Dorjan3003d ago

EFBs are in every game I've ever played :(