Linkin Park Record 8-Bit Remixes for Launch of Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion!

In the Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion! App players embark on an epic adventure taking them through six unique districts in the game, each featuring the distinctive style of a band member. The master goal is to retrieve the band's stolen music track: Blackbirds, a brand new, unreleased Linkin Park song made exclusively for the game. The song is unlocked upon completion of all missions inside the game.

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kevco332945d ago

I thought this would be about £10 when I first heard about it, but for that price and with all that music (even if it's only half-decent) I think it's worth a punt!

Therealspy032945d ago

people should be ashamed of themselves for supporting linkin park in any way. horrible "band"

band is in quotes because band implies that you have a group of at least semi-talented people playing music. linkin park has one crappy song that they remix 10 times per album. and i'd bet they don't even do the mixing. probably some underpaid sound engineer that does all the work.

DigitalRaptor2945d ago

You've got no idea seriously.

From your comment I can tell you're probably a rock/metal elitist, who thinks anything without technical guitars is crap.

Listen, I've had the privelige of seeing Linking Park in a live atmosphere, I've heard all their records in detail to the last note, verse, rhyme... and to call them talentless is like saying 1+1=3.

Guitarists, Mike and Brad (both multi-instrumentalists) are both talented. Not the best guitarists in the world. I could name 20 guitarists who are more skilled. But why does that matter?

Both singers Chester and Mike come up with some great vocals and lyrics. Chester has an astoundingly diverse vocal range and excellent singing voice.

Drummer Rob and bassist Phoenix are solid players in their fields.

Mike Shinoda is a talented Singer, Rapper, Producer, Guitarist, Pianist. In other words he is a multi-instrumentalist, which requires talent.

Joe Hahn is a DJ/turntablist/keyboardist, who HAS talent, whether you like it or not.

"linkin park has one crappy song that they remix 10 times per album. and i'd bet they don't even do the mixing. probably some underpaid sound engineer that does all the work."

Really? Really...?

The only remix album the band have done is Reanimation, which is a collaberative remix/reworking on some of the songs from their first album, Hybrid Theory. They did a remix EP with Jay-Z called Collision Course, which is actually quite intersting, and cleverly put together. The band is friends with him so it was a project they wanted to do. But it means they have no talent though, right?

And about the mixing? Which bands you know do the mixing themselves? In most cases you have to be a professional mixer to do that.

4pocalyps32945d ago

God damn man i wanted to tear that guy a new one, but looks like you beat me to it. +bubbles for linkin park fan.

Yeah they are amazingly awesome when live. one of the amazing moments ive had the chance to see.

OT: can't wait to see this, looks very interesting.

ZootHornRollo2945d ago

a "band" requires people to play a instrument not use a computer to make there music. and when they do play an instrument they play it like crap. if you think there a good "band" you have no real clue about music or have any taste

PirateThom2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I must object to this.

Why is a computer not an instrument? It makes noise and has to be manipulated correctly, just because it's not traditional doesn't mean a band can't use it or a band is any less for using that. Drum machines or sequencers are also computers and are widely used, especially in the electronica genres. The computer isn't "making" anything, it stiill has to be programmed and set up and sequenced. I'd say you would be shocked if you saw some advanced programs used in "computer music". I'm talking deep knowlege of both computers and music here.

Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead is recognised as a great guitarist, but there's songs he's run his entire rig through Max/MSP that he's programmed himself with the intention of destroying the sound of the guitar. and

Hell, some of the most amazing music ever recorded, by DJ Shadow, was entirely made of cuts from other records, not a single unique or new note played the entire thing.

I think more people need to expand into these computerised genres and stop looking at mainstream nonsense.

A computer in the right hands is as potent as any orchestra.

Raypture2945d ago


so what is music? Only the stuff you like? I'm with PiratThom here, a computer can be used as a instrument. You sound like a old man thats afraid of computers replacing musicians.

pimpmaster2945d ago

i DLed this game yesterday. seems pretty lame imo. you just walk around the 6 sections of the city and kick people. theres only like 2-4 enemies per city. maybe im missing something but im just on the part where i have to tear down all the wanted posters

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ZootHornRollo2945d ago

funny there jumping on the 8-bit trend. but i thought no one listens to i have no friends music any more

winlonghorn2945d ago

This is a very unique idea! I think that more musicians in every genre should consider this! I hope it is successful because if record labels and artists see that it is, they will tend to want to use it!

2945d ago
VMAN_012945d ago

I too have had the privilege of seeing LP live here in Sydney, Australia and it was perhaps one of the best nights of my life, they sound so amazing live.

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