Unboxing Alan Wake Pre-Order Bonus

An unboxing video of the pre-order bonus for Alan Wake emerged.

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AnttiApina2919d ago

This is the Russian Pre-order kit. Why on earth would they use 2006 screenshot as a cover?

NewZealander2919d ago

i will never understand why people who do these unboxing videos always grab a freakin knife to get the cellophane they just want to look hard, or do they have rubber fingernails.

dangert122919d ago

i always have to bite the muthaf*cker off lol den ppl wen abits off lol

xabmol2919d ago

I don't have any fingernails (I pick 'em before they get long) and I have about 20 knives laying around my room within arms reach.

I usually just use my car keys though, because I can never wait to open up a game and see whats in there. x]

Stuart57562919d ago

@ NewZealander, I always open games with knives, I have lots of them all around my house, I'm a mad man you see, most of them are covered in blood. As for using fingernails to open games, what do you think I am stupid? Finger nails are for extracting winnets!

HaloManiac2919d ago, is it me or are limited game editions getting more boring.

mcnablejr2919d ago

gow 3 l.e biggest rip of year?

MGRogue20172919d ago

... You show us gameplays now??? :D

2918d ago