Background Patching Coming To PS3?

TheSixthAxis: We've had word off the record that the PS3 should, at some point, get background downloading for game patches. One of my few personal issues with the PS3 (and indeed modern gaming in general) is that every time the developers patch a game you need to sit and wait for the new version to download before you can play offline. However, if our source is to be believed, this could change

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Shadow Flare2920d ago

Oh please yes. If there's one thing I hate, its playing a game I haven't played for a while and having to wait 1/2 hour. Thats when I miss the old ps2 days when you just put the disc in and played. Done.

vhero2920d ago

Would be cool if you could do like with ipod and run update checker it would then check updates for your game collection you could then obvious check which you don't want to update and it would update all those in background while doing other things.

BeaArthur2920d ago

Shadow Flare...the worst part is that all of the PS3 downloads are slow, not just the big updates.

The Great Melon2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )


That probably depends more on your internet provider. I always have about ~2-3 MB/sec downloads when at school, but at home it is painfully slow because we still use DSL.

BYE2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )


Try a wired connection for downloads. The PS3 doesn't like some wireless router models, with cable it should work fine.

Pennywise2920d ago

BeaArther, Do you use wireless? The wireless is SLOOOOW. I am wired and the updates are pretty quick.

BeaArthur2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The Great Melon...That's not it because I have 7 down and a friend who has 10 down and we both go at about the same pace. I've also heard this discussed on pod casts before and everyone seems to think it's reasonable slow no matter what your internet speed is. And just because it downloads faster at school (which it should) doesn't mean it's fast, just faster.

Ceekay & Pennywise...nope, it's wired. I only use wireless for my notebook. And I don't mean it crawls but compared to the 360 which can literally take seconds for an update it's pretty slow. It's not a huge deal but it would be nice if they could find a way to speed it up.

Redempteur2920d ago

i disagree ..PSN downloads are NOT slower than any other download service ..i download my program and patches on PSN at the same speed as i download from steam ...

Seriously , if your internet is properly configured , everything fine ...

aCHU2920d ago

dont know how on earth you are getting slow dwnlds,mine are pretty damn fast.. a few seconds for mine and BOOM,im up and running agn.

are you downloading alot of porn while your updating?

Hill_billy2920d ago

Would they still require the update to be complete before being able to get online andplay? Will it download while you play online? In the end, I play online all the time and so if this does not DL in the background durring online play then it will really matter not to me.

TreMillz2920d ago

PS3 downloads are slow? Must be your connection. I dl the GoW3 and Darksiders demo in total of 25 minutes. I don't know why people come to a conclusion and say PSN is slow, its not gonna be the same for everybody.

nix2920d ago

PSN downloads are pretty fast.

andron6662920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It's usually not a big problem, but if there is a large update it's a bit annoying having to wait until it's downloaded. Especially if it's a sp game and the patch isn't needed to play right away.

If it's just a small patch, like those 15 mb ones it only takes me a minute or two to download so that's not really a problem...

Solidus187-SCMilk2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

They usually dont take long anyways so I dont really notice.

The 360 allows DLs while playing offline, and you can line up DLs and turn it off and it will dl them in a standby mode, then turn completely off. really good for DL DEMOS and anything really.

that would be cool if they added this but I dont think its needed. Im sure it would really help people who DL more than me tho.

Karum2920d ago

I always thought downloading updates on PSN was terribly slow. Then I had enough and switched to a wired connection for my PS3. Absolutely massive difference in download speed for updates be it firmware or game updates.

BeaArthur2920d ago

TreMillz...25 minutes is kind of slow. I actually did it in less than that, mine only took about 15 to 20. Trust me it's not my connection or my service provider. Maybe everyone thinks that the PSN is fast and it seems slow to me. Again, I don't think it's super slow just slow compared to other devices.

Karum...well yours must have been really slow then because I have always used wired and think it could be faster.

ActionBastard2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Game updates have always been faster on the 360. I've yet to encounter one that has been longer than 2-3 minutes. Game updates that is. Downloaded the Shadow Complex demo (over 800MB) and it was dog slow. Game updates are the only thing fast on XBL in comparison to PSN.

Also, the ModNation PSP demo (150MB) downloaded via wifi in 10 minutes to my PSP. I have a simple 5MB DSL connection.

TreMillz2920d ago

Is 20 mins and 25 that much of a difference? Lol, well to me 25 to dl and install both is pretty quick to me considering Darksiders was a huge demo and Gow wasn't a small package either. That and I use wireless because my modem is in my sister's room.

cjflora2920d ago


Dude, if you're downloading God of War III, which was around 2.7 GB, then you're pulling down like 18Mbps. 20 minutes for close close to 3GB of data is NOT slow.

PoSTedUP2920d ago

i use to have a 15mbps DL speed and DL demos and updates in no time while my friends were jealous they had to wait 2 hours.

updates take me about 20min sometimes less sometimes more.

would like to at least listen to music or something while my ps3 is updating (have amp and speakers hooked up through tv and use ps3 as Cdplayer through HDMI)

rrumors sound pretty good though. background updating would make the ps3 better.

BeaArthur2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

cjflora & TreMillz ...I wasn't specifically talking about any one game. I'm saying as a whole the PS3 downloads are a little slow when compared to other devices. Not to mention you then have to install it which is another issue. The point I am trying to make is that from the time I start the download (be it game or patch), to the time I get to play the game is slower than it should be in most cases.

PoSTedUP...that is my point right there. You have a very fast connection so yours go at a normal or even quick pace while your friends who probably have decent enough connections have to wait 2 hours. That's ridiculous.

ThaGeNeCySt2920d ago

I wish PS would take a page from MS's book in this regard... on the 360, when I download a patch, it takes a mere 5-10 seconds for the patch to download and install... a lot longer on my PS3 for both the download and install.

captain-obvious2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

you know what guys
i really see the PS3 as the transformation to next gen software (PS4)
the xbox had that with the first Xbox

i expect a killer OS for the PS4

dantesparda2920d ago

How bout being able to output the voice to both the headset and Tv speakers at the same time? And also how about better handling of you resolution settings, like for example if a game has 1080 and you have all resolutions settings checked (480/720/1080i/p) it sets the games res to 1080 rather than setting it to its native res (which is usually 720)

Redempteur2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"25 minutes is kind of slow. I actually did it in less than that, mine only took about 15 to 20"

You downloaded in less than 20 minutes ( your words ) but you feel like it's slow ?

i don't know what you were expecting ..having it downloaded in 10 seconds perhaps ???

fun fact : PSN is not slow but your sense of time is warped

i downloaded the last update ( ps3 ) in 12 minutes ... and i have NOT a fast connexion ..when i'm at work with their uber speedy network i enjoy fast speeds and i can compare ...

Do you download faster when using STEAM ? i think not

divideby02920d ago

Using both Live and PSN with our 5M/10M cable connections all WIRED...real men dont play games on wireless connections...downloads are the same...from a non tested sight view.

those saying PSN is slow and Live is fast..just dont understand the way the internet works and are just full of baloney...

Disccordia2920d ago

The PSN downloads are not slow, it's just that often the files sizes are huge. Microsoft have a file size limit in place for game patches and that is why updates are only a few seconds on the 360.

I turned on my PS3 a couple of months ago to play LBP and had to download nearly a gig worth of patches before I could play it, it was insane.

I welcome anything Sony does to ease the length of these downloads.

crazyclown2920d ago


BeaArthur2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Redempteur...okay, first of all 12 minutes for an update is slow when you look at the 360 which can do a system update in 2 - 4 minutes and it doesn't have updates almost every month. As far as the demos go, the download time of 15 to 20 minutes is not necessarily slow in general but when you factor in my internet speed, it is kind of slow. That's the point that is escaping you, it's about speed of the download when factoring in internet connection. Yeah 10 minutes is fast but if I was doing it at 15mbps, well that is slow because it should download faster at 15mbps. Also it's not just the download time, you then have to install the game which will take another few minutes. The whole process is more complicated and takes longer than it needs to.

Fun Fact: you would be more educated on the matter if you owned both consoles. You speak about download speeds when you have no idea how long it takes to download something on the competitions console. Come back and see me when you have more than one point of view.

shadow27972920d ago

Compared to PSN, 360 updates are practically instant. It's slow. Do you download and install more information on PS3? Of course. But isn't that the problem? The PS3 needs some kind of .zip system so that the information can be compressed, downloaded, unpacked, and then installed. 20 minutes for a game update is ridiculous. Even if it is fast for the file size.

I'm not a big fan of installs either, by the way.

Redempteur2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"it's about speed of the download when factoring in internet connection."

Actually you're the one missing the point.

First , you're comparing the speed of an action when the size of the download is not the same.

Second , if downloading 2.7gb in 20mins is NOT fast , (considering that you're NOT alone downloading on a server ) then you don't know anything about downloads at all ...

Second , when you take into consideration your time to download such a big file , you're just spouting nonsense ..
You think you'll download at full speed on every server on internet ??? that's false ...that never happens !! Every public file server is busy because it's not communicating with YOU alone ...that's common sense ..

Conclusion , answer me : do you always download at your maximum speed on steam ? on live ?

Wait ..i actually already know the answer're never at your max speed .. so please stop bashing PSN speed because there is nothing wrong with it .

Edit : as for firmwares upgrades... that's a false problem's a know fact that these are different devices , thus not the same size for firmware, not the same options , not the same loading times and such ... there is nothing wrong with that ..why can't they do the same thing ? this is not the same device ..simple as that ...
you'd think there is a reason why ps3, 360 and wii have different sizes for their firmwares files

Edit 2 : i wouldn't know ? I know because i worked in a Game shop and i had to upgrades consoles for clients ( all 3 , because not everyone has a internet accès ) ..sorry i'm talking about my life here .. but i'm pretty sure i know what i'm talking about ..

BeaArthur2920d ago

Redempteur...I think it's slow, move on. The basis for my argument is that it's direct competitor is much quicker and therefore the PSN is slow by comparison. You wouldn't know, because you don't have a 360; so therefore you really can't tell me how slow it is or isn't now can you?

jaysquared2920d ago

Quit bashing on a free service! We all know PSN is inferior to Xbox live the only ones that doesn't think so are the PS3 fans on this site! Like the old saying says "you get what you pay for.." But really though you can't bash PSN and what Sony has done to it considering its free for PS3 users.. This is also to the people who keep bashing Sony for not have x-game chat yet..

BeaArthur2920d ago

BeaArthur...when was I bashing it? All I said was that it's slow, which it is.

corneliuscrust2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

is right when he (she?) says that game updates (not talking about demos) are faster on 360 than psn. It's just how it is.

In transfer speeds, PSN may very well be quicker, demos seem to download quicker on PSN in most cases I've tried.

This may be due to more data involved in game patches/updates over PSN, or maybe that MS has set up LIVE over the years to accomidate game updates as quickly as possible.

All I know is that I've never had a game update take over a minute or two on LIVE, whereas on PSN I'm always staring at a download bar when it comes to updates.

But that isn't even a problem for me... my main issue is that on PSN you have to download then install demos.. but I know Sony is working on it.

Remember guys, LIVE has had YEARS to mess around and break/fix things about the service.

PSN is still quite new and Sony still has a lot up their sleeves to add in the future

Baka-akaB2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

There is a major difference between saying it's slower than the 360 , and saying it's slow period . You're a bit contradicting yourself in that regard imo , BEA , by stating one , then the other amidst your replies .

As an owner of both , and dealing constantly with networks for my jobs , i fail to notice a major difference between both , EXCEPT when it comes to patchs and updates ..
With patching , indeed the PSN seems to take between 30 to 55% more time than on 360 , on average .

But when it comes tp games and demo downloads , or online play , ther eis virtually no advantage to either , speed and ping wise .

My input is of course limited to extensive testing over more than 10 or 15 wired and wireless connexions , of various speeds , and in the limits and confine of my region .

Patching on psn seems to be handled at a lower than usual priority by Sony , probably to ease up on the overall cost . PLus as other mention filesize and formats are handled in a completely different manner on 360 .

badz1492920d ago

I bought a new PS3 and remember installing updates for BO Paradise took me the whole day! it was like a fvcking nightmare, waiting and waiting and can't do a thing and I have other games to play!! background patch is gratefully welcome!!

HolyOrangeCows2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Pfft, I'm wireless and it's usually no longer than a 3 minute process.

Who the heck is your ISP? "El Internet Servicio del dial-up"?

cjflora2920d ago

It sounds to me like your problem may be size related more than speed related. I know the PS3 updated tend to be large, but I don't know how they compare to 360 updates. If you can download GoWIII in 20 minutes though, my guess is that PS3 updates tend to be larger than 360 updates.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212919d ago

The download is never slow for me on PSN. Maybe that's because of the 30MB/sec download speed we have in the dorms... The best part is that the 30MB/sec is free for us :D

reaferfore202919d ago

I get about 1mb a second from a 60% unsecured wireless connection from somewhere... wired is faster, but if you have a good connection to the wireless router it's still pretty quick.

It's also nice to be able to suck the internet out of thin air for free :D

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unrealgamer582920d ago

It would be kick ass if the ps3 downloaded fw updates and patches while you're ps3 was turned off. Then when you turn you're ps3 on a notification would come up and ask "would you like to install fw update/patch?"

Fishy Fingers2920d ago

While switched off? It couldn't recieve a push notification that an update is available then proceed to DL unless it was both switched on and online.

Nice idea, but not really possible.

corneliuscrust2920d ago

Where the download continues after you tell the system to shut down. The system stays powered on to retain connection and retrieve the data, but most of the functionality is limited so you dont hear fans or anything... by most appearances, the system seems off, though it is still downloading. Sort of like a pseudo "standby mode" similar to what xbox360 does

I would also like this feature, but the ps3's "turn system off when download is complete" option is plenty good in the meantime

PimpHandHappy2920d ago

i like that... If i could play my music and surf the web while downloading the latest patch i would be very happy.. as it is now i just turn on my TV and watch the news or some show while the patch is downloading

Wrathman2920d ago

its always bemused me why ps3 patches and updates take so damn long.i guess sony arent so software savvy.

claterz2920d ago

Depends on your connection speed, the longest I had to wait is around 1 hour, hardly something to complain about.

Sitris2920d ago

And that was LBP after not playing for a few months and it was like 4 updates, part from that all from 4-25 minutes not that bad. Some demos can take a couple of hours but that is definately my internet speeds as i live in Aus, and well it is pretty rubbish haha

PopEmUp2920d ago

Wrathman have never had a PS3 to begin with, so his complaint hold no weight in it

mcnablejr2920d ago

This is one of my biggest complaints about My delaystation.
If they fix this, then mabye they will even add cross game chat.. high hopes i know. =(

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Hellsvacancy2920d ago

I remember when i was in the MAG beta, i stopped playin it coz of all the flood of updates (they where massive in size)

If i was able 2 of done all that in the background it wouldnt of been a problem

Just an example

Redempteur2920d ago

if i remember correctly you could resumes the patches in MAG