IncGamers: Lady Gaga Huge Influence On Bodycount

IncGamers reports that none other than Lady Gaga has been one of Stuart Black's influences while creating upcoming shooter, Bodycount.

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thetamer2885d ago

I bet shes' going to feature in it

Maticus2885d ago

LOL, that would be epic

Cogo2885d ago

A scantly (and weirdly) clad Gaga would not be wrong at all :)

2884d ago
krisq2884d ago

it was an inspiration for creating some sick enemies.

HolyOrangeCows2884d ago

Hopefully she and Marilyn Manson are both in a room trying desperately to get eachother's attention like the attention whores they are, and you can shoot them with a chicken gun. They will never be able to get so much attention as a chicken.

2Spock2884d ago

I swear she is butt ugly.

Blaze9292884d ago

Guess i wont be playing this then...

JsonHenry2884d ago

Her music certainly makes me want to "up" the violence.

TreMillz2884d ago

I bet while I'm firing bullets Poker Face is gonna be playing in the background! Dammit! XD

FragGen2884d ago

I think being able to shoot her in the head would make it a day one purchase just on that feature alone.

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Dorjan2885d ago

haha, all I read was "blow them gaga style"


Cogo2885d ago

Trying to think of something naughty to say, but you pretty much said it all :P

Terrice2885d ago

With as much publicity as Gaga, I'm not surprised to see her influence a video game.

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The story is too old to be commented.