High-quality scans of The Last Story

More scans of The Last Story have been released (higher-quality). The first screenshots of Mistwalker's new game have been revealed.

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Valay2885d ago

I've got to say...I really like how this is looking so far.

Fierce Musashi2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Well, this will certainly hold us until gameplay footage.

vhero2885d ago

Looks good just a shame this game proves mistwalker lost faith in MS console but RPG's were never gonna work on the 360.

Rock Bottom2885d ago

Simply wow! For a Wii game, that look gorgeous.

catguykyou2885d ago

Really am excited for this game. Loving the art style.

catguykyou2885d ago

Doesn't prove that they lost faith in Microsoft. The creator stated he wants this game to be picked up by people who normally wouldn't play an RPG because they think they can't do well at them or they are too complicated. He wants the non-gamers to see it on the Wii and go,"oh, I can play this game cause it's on the Wii. It must not be too difficult." The reason he wants this is because in Japan, there are two main RPG series, FF and DQ. He stated it's very hard to compete with those two and most people just wont buy any RPG's but those. He is trying to recreate success of those two series by going after people who normally wouldn't play those games.

gamelova2885d ago

Seriously, for a Wii game this looks stunningly beautiful.

N4g_null2885d ago

Suddenly The art is coming back to console gaming. It's nice to see.

Xeno gears isn't as sweet as this but I think they just need to think like GTA on the PS2, streaming works they should use it better. These guys are up there with monster hunter right now so zelda has some magic to work now. This is getting good, also notice how hardly any normal maps are used crazy huh?

Gr812884d ago

Is it me or is this starting to feel like 1986 again? Like the NES coming into its own. lol.

N4g_null2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Hell I never left that age! It's really too bad the taito type x did not make it too big over here in the states. Those are the games we are missing this gen.

Lots of people don't realize nintendo represent true console gaming. They support our past more than any one else since it actually is what made them.

I'm glad they are reconnecting to the public. The game media is starting to look like the extortionist they are. It is really embarrassing how the media treats nintendo at E3 now even when the wii came out. One thing is for sure they are no longer my game media.

These gamers running these sites really have lost touch with gaming to please the new comers, aka FPS console players. Most of them are not even good at gaming and just suck at working for time or the local news paper.

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MetalFreakMike2885d ago

I want this game.... Looks awesome!

mirroredderorrim2885d ago

This reminds me of traditional RPG's. I will check this one out for sure.

SpoonyRedMage2885d ago

Wowsa, looks quite different than I thought and it looks very close to the concept art.

kudos to Nintendo, Mistwalker and Artoon.

ChickeyCantor2885d ago

Now for our sake, lets hope they are not planning an English theme like SE did with FF13...

SpoonyRedMage2885d ago

Well Crystal Bearers had Bon Jovi and that worked out fine.:P

They just need to pick a theme that suits.

ChickeyCantor2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago ) talking about horrible music ...xD
And I dont think europe even had that kind of marketing.

They just needs to give it an awesome main theme like CB.
Its beautiful.

FinalomegaS2885d ago


Seal the deal and show us the gameplay... FF killer ( calling it first)

***not that hard as SE killed that off a long time ago lol***

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