All About Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Andriasang: The next Metal Gear Solid hits PSP later this week. Make sure you're caught up on the story, gameplay and promotions

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THC CELL2945d ago

i really want this to come to ps3

UltimateIdiot9112945d ago

I don't mind it being on the PSP since the way the gameplay is setup especially the recruiting part fits the PSP but I do wish I had enough money to get the bundle since I still have the PSP-1000.

Honky Kong2945d ago

i really like the looks of the online features, deliver gifts to friends. cool!!
Anyone have and idea if the Japanese version will support english? I m sure its asking too much on a umd but man i dont wanna wait an extra month....

Batzi2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

accept it the way it is. It's going to rock either way.

Games4M - Rob2945d ago

I just downloaded the demo the other day - pure awesome

Day 1 purchase for me.

meetajhu2945d ago

I wish this game comes to PS2. Coz 1 analog nub is not enough. and L and R buttons is not enough for this awesome stealth action!

Redempteur2945d ago

I hope this chapter of the mgs saga will be as awesome as the previous ones ...

I have little doubt it won't

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The story is too old to be commented.