Heavy Rain "deeply flawed", says Cecil

Charles Cecil, Managing Director for Revolution Software and the man behind such critically acclaimed titles as Beneath a Steel Sky and the Broken Sword series, has stated that whilst he feels that Quantic Dream's title, Heavy Rain, was a "work of absolute genius" it was still "deeply flawed".

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Hill_billy2886d ago

This one has deep flaws due to the depth of story and the number of questions asked that never truly get answered. In the end though, the game is amazing and a must play for everybody.

Gun_Senshi2886d ago

What questions where not answered?

Holy ʇıɥs at the ending. I cannot talk about it due to spoilers

nix2886d ago

well.. let's concentrate on this, shall we?

oh.. i forgot! this is internet!

Mo0eY2886d ago

For those that actually clicked show, this is a spoiler alert regarding Heavy Rain. If you want to play this game, do not read past here. Once again, this is a spoiler alert. Ethan Mars wakes up in the middle of the road with an orgami figure in his hand? What's up with that? Or his wife stating he was drowning kids in his sleep? It does not make any sense at all. Those are just a few that I can think of.

darkmurder2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )


siyrobbo2886d ago

Who knows, maybe there will be DLC which ties up loose ends

Redempteur2886d ago


this is actually the only loose end of the story ...

who know maybe that psychiatrist was trying something that backfired ?
What happens to ethan when he black out ? this is one thing i really want to know

darkmurder2886d ago

That was just a lame red herring, the fact he had an origami was pretty lame too having said that "SPOILER"!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty surprised Shelby was the killer

nix2886d ago

maybe a larger "****SPOILER ALERT*****" would help.

i read your last line. thankfully i have already played the game.

2Spock2885d ago

But that is his opinion which is fine. Cause i personally thought that it wasn't flawed.

RecSpec2885d ago

David Cage himself said that there was no reasoning behind (spoiler) it was just there to throw you off.

Chubear2885d ago

Beneath a steel sky and Broken Sword were totally flawless oh great master of video game creation :s

Christopher2885d ago

One man's opinion does not define a world, let alone a game.

I see Heavy Rain about as flawed as most things in life that are praised. It's far from perfect, but what it does it does well.

inveni02885d ago

Yeah, why can't the news be that someone called it "absolute genius"? Concentrating on the bad is like saying, "I f*cked Kate Beckinsale, but she has morning let's talk about that morning breath..."

Qui-Gon Jim2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I thought that was by far the biggest flaw in the game, and I like your thought on it. ***SPOILER*** I am now going to assume that Ethan's blackouts were because of some mishandled hypnotherapy or something and the game just doesn't tell us that very well.

Edit @ above: aaahhh, Kate Beckinsale

Palodios2885d ago

**Vague spoiler warning**

I too hated the ending. it just didn't make sense. As they developed the whole childhood of the killer thing near the end, it was working well, but then it seemed like they just copied and pasted "the killer" into the role, which didn't seem to fit his/her character at all, plus the huuuge plot hole. The therapist was a perfect fit, but it seemed like they rushed the game and didn't have time to make everything work.

FragGen2885d ago

So, Kate Beckinsale has morning breath? Sorry but that's a deal breaker for me. Is it like all the time or just after a cig or what?

execution172885d ago

just tryna check what the big fuss was about it being flawed lol

phosphor1122885d ago

The disconnect at the end really stuck out like a sore thumb.

But I still really enjoyed the game.

Redempteur2885d ago


Why read these articles if you are playing the game ??

So much weeks after the initial release you're into NO position to complain about spoilers in a article talking about heavy rain

Raz2885d ago

Thought the game was genius, but had a WTF moment at the end; therefore it's "deeply flawed"?

Seems like pretty flawed reasoning to me.

N4Flamers2885d ago

ok here is a flaw with heavy rain that I found.

When you see the flashback of shelby killing manfred, after he kills him he looks through manfreds files puts them in his jacket, but then the hooker comes back and finds that ledger on the ground.

The whole manfred scene was a complete joke. When shelby goes back to see manfred "MURDERED" he has a surprised look on his face even though he did it. He picks up the phone to see who was on the other end even though you called them. If you close the window and dont wipe the prints the police catch you, but if you leave it alone they set you free. The problem with this is that you opened it in the first place.

I still loved the game PLATINUM

Redempteur2885d ago

not really , at first the game tell you what's you're supposed to have done ..
you're not forced to look at the window and besides there's still someone with him's must better to say : OMG there was someone there than to kill the two of them especially when your true purpose is to prove that


Father can care for their sons even when confronted to infavorable odds and difficult choices


There was no need to do more .. bear in mind that lauren was pushing the investigation forward at the time so he needed to call off lauren ambitions quick..he choose to show her how dangerous this was betting that it will scare her backfired ..

i guess your main problem is ...why did shelby pick the phone ? because he really called the cops ?? There was little problem here since he know how it works .. In that scene he wanted to scare lauren that's all ..If lauren would have choosen to stay or if she wanted to do something else about it ..then the police would take care of her .if he was caught , all he had to do was spouting his lies again , stating that his alibi was "lauren herself" pure and simple ...Nobody would have any reason to suspect him ..

Darkfocus2885d ago

gaming journalism sickens me

N4Flamers2885d ago

AH but the problem with everything is that lauren is not in the room as a matter of fact you can see her not paying attention to anything. I was wrong he doesnt listen to the phone he can hear it he just hangs it up. Heres the problem while lauren is in the other room not distracted he takes a few steps back and acts surprised and says OH MY GOD. Since the only other person in the shop is not even in the same room, this is done to throw the players off track and is not something he would do.

If you watch the cutscene where he is burning the evidence he kills manfred and takes the files, but lauren finds them on the ground. If he took them how did they get on the ground.

N4Flamers2885d ago

oh one last thing. in this game you can get away from the police even because they are incompetent, but any police officer worth his weight would have arrested both of them on murder charges. Especially if they show up and you're standing in a crime scene saying I didnt kill him.

ranivus2885d ago

Really the game was seriously flawed HEAVILY. Not in the mechanics but everywhere else is just sheer crap.

I mean a frenchie voice acting an American with a THICK Boston accent? Come on, the moron couldn't even pronounce his name the same way.

Plot holes... mounds and mounds of plot holes. Some routes never made sense. Like how did he obtain that taxicab? Or can you really survive a whole floor exploding in a 1940's refrigerator?
If you don't take the obvious route, it makes connecting the dots completely worthless.

Redempteur2884d ago

Like how did he obtain that taxicab?

-dunno , he stole it ? it's not like you're not controling a depressive father ready to do anything to save his son ?
Would he ask kindly ? ( at this point he is wanted by the police )

Or can you really survive a whole floor exploding in a 1940's refrigerator?

Yep they are pretty sturdy , but it's all luck ... Besides , you can survive this scene by going out of the room by the window of the kitchen ...
The fridge is not the best solution but it's one that give a trophy that's all

N4Flamers2884d ago

dont even get me started on the chase sequence where you run across the roof being chased by police but then jump off and the police just stand there and watch you get up and beat up a taxi driver. I mean they just stand there on the roof going "well he got away." No he didnt hes right there! Theres a helicopter following you through that scene which magically disappears when you jump off the roof. The police in this game must be lead by chief Wiggum.

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GAM3R7l2886d ago

...was the controls. I might've enjoyed it, if I didn't feel like I was playing a fighting game (which I hate) most of the time. Far too many button/stick combos for the most mundane tasks.

aaron58292885d ago

sure.. it's a different approach to control the character... but i still feel the controls are easier to adapt to than trying to control the characters from Resident Evil series for the first time...

i remembered playing Resi1 for the first time on the PS1, and i was like.. wtf !!

As for heavy rain... i got used to it after the the wife got home with the kids.

movements2886d ago

This guy needs to shush and go look at his own creations and take a bath in the amount of flaws they're laden with.

And stop talking about another company's masterpiece.

Infernostew2885d ago

As much as I love Heavy Rain, this dude has made some of the best point and click adventures, He has a right to say what he wants imo. I think you also missed the part about him praising the game too.

The Wood2885d ago

was a good game...all 11 or so disks of it

been out of the loop for a while but everybody deserves an opinion

stuntman_mike2886d ago

like he said anything we didnt already know, next up world exclusive: DAY FOLLOWS NIGHT FOLLOWS DAY!!!

shock!! we get eye witness reports.

xAlmostPro2886d ago

i disagree about the ending he mentions as a deep flaw, because theres alot of clues throughout the game that suggest it, so im guessing it only feels deeply flawed to the people who dont pick up on these..

i noticed a few things and at the end i was like wow! and felt slightly satisfied as it brought the same feeling as watching those detective shows where you're trying to guess who it is and it turns it you were right