Nintendo: Buy a Wii now or risk disappointment at Xmas

Nintendo'ssenior vice precident of marketing and corporate communications, George Harrison, has urged consumers intent on bagging a Nintendo Wii in time for this years holiday season to snap one up now or riks being overwhelmingly disapointedNo one wants to tell their kids Santa couldn't make them a Wii in time, after all.

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ENNO3876d ago

funny cause its true!!

MyNutsYourChin3876d ago

I'm a bit curious as to how long the demand for Wii will continue. My guess is that it will continue on into next year with a mild decrease after this 2007 holiday season. I'm just in awe that the demand has been so high for so long.

In 1981, Nintendo revived gaming with the release of Donkey Kong and then in 1985 brought Mario and Zelda into the gamer's home. The gaming paradigm shifted with the introduction of higher quality gameplay, graphics, and controls. I think Nintendo could well be considered the father of modern gaming for this reason alone. Now, as we see the demand for the Wii continue and the gaming demographic expand considerably, I ponder the question, is Nintendo once again changing the paradigm of gaming? I believe the answer is yes.

Nintendo has truly revolutionized and expanded the gaming demographic. Introducing a new control scheme and marketing toward a new audience was definately a serious risk that could have easily crippled the reputation and financial stability of Nintendo. I'm highly impressed with their continued AND successful effort to advance the interface and subject matter of gaming into a natural, intuitive, and evolutionary phase. Once again, the father of modern gaming is changing the way we interact, view, and think of video games. Nintendo has set into motion a paradigm shift that is once again revolutionizing the gaming community.

SuperSaiyan43876d ago

I had a Wii, nice looking machine but other than that the games sucked big time and are over priced imo.

The Wii is only good if you got family and friends round that want a good laugh or you got grandparents that want to have a go.

Other than that if you want a REAL good gaming experience this X-Mas get a PS3 and 360 or whichever one you are more keen on.

MyNutsYourChin3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

The one point of yours that I do agree with is the pricing of the Wii games. Granted, some may be accurately priced at $50 but a few of the games should be priced more around $30-$40. Games like Big Brain Academy, Wario Ware, and Rayman, I feel, are over priced.

But what I really feel is over priced are the VC games. Seriously, $5 for a NES game is not worth it, no matter the nostalgia (I still buy them, I just don't agree with the pricing). If I were to get a physical cartridge, manual, and box then I would glady pay $5 for a NES game. Paying $5 for an emulation that doesn't come with these physical items leaves me feeling empty and slightly cheated.

The Wii is definately a family and group orientated console and thus it is very entertaining when family and friends are around. However, I disagree with you in your opinion that the Wii does not deliver a "REAL good gaming experience" as you have said. I think it delivers a unique and fantastic gaming experience that will eventually by fully utilized by upcoming games such as Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Dragon Blade, RE:UC, WiiFit, etc.

texism3876d ago

hahahaha so are you saying don't have any friends? about honesty...

nice_cuppa3876d ago

george needs a purple suit, cane, platinum goblet and grill and a caddy !

PS360WII3876d ago

kind of funny cuz people can't buy it even now...

MetalProxy3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

You find used Wii's all day long just ask around.

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