Béland Wants Splinter Cell: Conviction Movie

Splinter Cell: Conviction Creative Director Max Béland has said he wants to see Sam Fisher next to Jason Bourne and James Bond on the big screen.

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SpaceSquirrel2919d ago

If they are going to do a movie than they should start with the first game.

mjolliffe2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

And they need to take their time with it. If it's going to be a decent series of movies, they need a younger actor than George Clooney, some one like Sam Worthington (Avatar), as he looks a lot like Fisher ( http://battleoflongtan.file... ).

I do hope something materialises :)

siyrobbo2919d ago

sam Worthington is in EVERYTHING

2Spock2919d ago

And as long as they dont make it only maybe 20 mins long....I kid i kid.

DORMIN2919d ago

Its called "Taken", check it out!

C L O U D2919d ago

It would be cool, I personally thought Max Payne was a good movie although it was hurtfully of the plot from the actual game.

Splinter Cell however would be just like any other film and I feel its cinematic experience is best on the game itself.

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