Infinity Ward Departure Count Rises To 25 writes, "Bump up the total count of IW departures to 25. That's close to one-fourth of the entire studio. We've just learned that lead programmer Robert Field, HR vet Kristin Cotterell and designer Charlie Wiederhold have parted ways with the studio, in addition to level designers Kevin Bell and Preston Glenn."

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MasFlowKiller3005d ago

How Sad that a company like Activision founded on frustrated developers tire of the way publishers treat their works, is loosing one of their main studio becuase of the exact same thing.

If irony were made out of ice cream, we would all be eating a Sunday right now

-Alpha3004d ago

I do not eat days of the week. Especially Holy ones.

Gamerbee3004d ago

First time Ive ever seen you only post one line!! Congrats.

ThatArtGuy3004d ago

Sunday Sundae
Desert Dessert

Pandamobile3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Wow, that's more than a quarter of the company that's abandoned ship in two months.

(didn't realize my observation was in the summary)

Karl Marx3004d ago

Let's hope Respawn will be a big success. Activision doesn't deserve IW's talent

maxcer3004d ago

lol, i can see it now. activision will do a PR on how IW is still a fully functioning developer and many more things will come from the studio.

DeeBee3004d ago

Activision are going to gloss over it as much as possible, even now they aren't talking to anyone, all they have really said (over and over) is the lawsuit is without merit.

In the end, what will probably happen is this will drag on for a long time, then suddenly we'll hear that it has been settled out of court with Activision paying an "undisclosed" amount of money to the ex-IW employees ... BUT as part of the settlement Activision admits to no wrong doing and thus has no mark on their records.

Then we just sit an wait for it all to happen again, but since the prior "settlement" left no mark on Activision's record it cannot be used against them and we go through all this again LOL