Microsoft and MSN invite you to try Natal! A unique opportunity.

A unique opportunity for a very few lucky ones. Microsoft has officially announced in a statement that 15 lucky users of MSN, the network news for Microsoft, given the chance to try, in absolute preview, the new device for controlling motion, Natal. To participate in the selection you will connect to the website , watch the movie and tell briefly what the extraordinary possibilities of Natal have inspired you. The comments most beautiful and original authors will be selected and, with Marco Galli of Radio 105, will be invited to join the device to be held in Milan.

For all other information, refer to the official statement below.

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ClownBelt2952d ago

" watch the movie and tell briefly what the extraordinary possibilities of Natal have inspired you"

Milo = Tamagochi?

Shadow Flare2952d ago

I can imagine alot of 360 fans would like to go to this. Be nice to try out some new tech. And I hear alot of 360 fans love trying to grab big red balls that come towards them

2952d ago
bruddahmanmatt2952d ago

I'll throw red kickballs at your face while you attempt to smack them back at me for free.

mriono2952d ago


And playing games with a glowing Sony dildo is any better?

DarkTower8052951d ago

Can you imagine if a PS3 fanboy got picked? LMAO! You never know.

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xaviertooth2952d ago

i suggest you bring your psp with you to make yourself comfortable i'm very sure about it you will be really frustrated with lags and unresposiveness unlike psmove with 1:1 accuracy and will be disappointed when you try natal that is full of fail.

JasonPC360PS3Wii2952d ago

Or bring your PS3 to watch movies, since it has no games you can watch movies while waiting for your turn to play Natal.

rezzah2952d ago

You really show your idiocy when you own a PS3 for the sole purpose of watching movies.

Hey Jason, why dony you use your 360 to watch some blueray movies? I thought so, dont stay stuck in the past.

sid4gamerfreak2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Ha nice try, microsoft but im not gonna try natal. (ps3 fanboys going to the agree button)

same goes for move. Sony, you cant fool me (quickly presses the disagree button)

Edit: True, Clownbelt. But its not that im provoking them, im just giving my opinion about smthn. Im not whining, im just saying the fact. That is what n4g users do. Is this how low we have scooped down in the gaming community? Not being able to even say one's opinion without being feared of being bashed?

Sad, really.

ClownBelt2952d ago

Well I won't be surprised if you get 100 disagrees and attack from PS3 fanboys since it seems to me you're provoking them.

Don't get me wrong, but I just don't like to hear you crying and whining about PS3 fanboys this and PS3 fanboys that when you're the one looking for trouble. lol

Parapraxis2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

sid4gamerfreak , if you have no interest in either tech...why are you so obsessed with them?

Sad, really.

GiantEnemyCrab2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Right ClownPelt.. Shadow Flare is here trolling right at comment number one trying to start sh*t.

@below: Jokes are supposed to be funny. If I came into a Move thread and said PS3 fans love to play with dildos you can bet some would take issue. Why blame 360 fans for PS3 trolling? Is it so hard to grow up a bit and skip trolling a Natal article for once?

masterofpwnage2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

its called a joke crab.
your not very social friendly in the real world are you.

also why do you guys trip over them so bad. My god 360 fans in n4g are all panzies, always complaining abu them and when there here, what you guys do "waaahh mods take them away" come on really.

Pleae go to gametrailer or even youtube go to a mag video or any ps3 excluive. The 360 fans are just as worst as the ps3 fanboys in here.

@crabs then let them disagree and have a problem. If you think they are so low then why are you trying to go on the same level as them. whats the point of b!tching at them it aint going to change anything.

look at you talking about growing up. well if i do this i bet you they will get angry. grow up.

"Is it so hard to grow up a bit and skip trolling a Natal article for once?"
seriously you cant take it. Arnt you suppose to be an adult and you still get offended by trolling.

2952d ago
FragMnTagM2951d ago

What are you going on about? You were the second troll.

"yeah imean, natal sounds like anal, they are very exited about playing with a little boy name milo and they get exited for catching huge balls hahah."

First of all let me fix your horrendous typing skills:

"Yeah, I mean Natal sounds like anal. They are very excited about playing with a little boy named Milo and they get excited for catching huge balls. Ha Ha Ha."

Now, Natal (pronounced [nuh-tal] or [nuh-tawl]) sounds nothing like anal (pronounced [eyn-l]). Now how is that funny? If it SOUNDED even remotely close instead of sharing a couple letters, then your joke of a joke may have been funny.

So far, the best Natal joke I have seen on here is the Not-at-all. I think it was posted by that other troll with a basketball player for his avatar. Anyway, have fun trolling, obliterating the English language, and being completely not funny!

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BubbleSystemSuck2952d ago

Which game... red balls again?


acere2952d ago


Obama2952d ago

Perhaps they will be featuring Milo catching balls.

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