Amazon's All Xbox 360 Gold Box Event begins

The all-day Xbox 360 Gold Box Event has begun on Amazon with BioShock 2 as the Deal of the Day. The retailer also provided hints to the seven upcoming Lightning Deals.

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MMFGaming2881d ago

As far as I can deduce...

6:00 AM PDT - Get ready to tussle with an infamous company of misfits.

Battlefield: Bad Company

9:00 AM PDT - Prepare to journey to the darkest reaches of space in this RPG hit.

Mass Effect or Star Ocean

11:00 AM PDT - BioWare’s deepest universe to date just got bigger...

Mass Effect 2

2:00 PM PDT - Rock out with your Stratocaster.

Rock Band 2 --maybe Rock Band guitar

4:00 PM PDT - A legendary war between two of science-fiction’s most popular characters.

Alien vs Predator

6:00 PM PDT - Charge up your Xbox 360 controllers.

Play and charge kit

8:00 PM PDT - This hit franchise comes to life on Xbox 360.

No clue.

respawnaction2881d ago

the 8:00pm one could be a play on words and be L4D 2, or I dunno. Thought I'd guess.