Super Street Fighter IV Super Challengers Pack DLC hits Xbox Live

Though Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV doesn't hit until tomorrow, the Super Challengers Pack 1 DLC has been listed on Xbox Live and is now available for download on the Marketplace.

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BYE3037d ago

So they're doing the same delayed releases with the alts as they did with vanilla...

That sucks, I want the Cody costume now.

Mo0eY3036d ago

Typical Capcom. Release a game a year after you made the original and follow that up with releasing DLC before that said game is even released.

Yi-Long3036d ago

... what a cancer in this industry.

dredgewalker3036d ago

I can't believe someone disagreed with what you said. Its people like these that gets Capcon encouraged to milk the hell outta its supporters. I already have the game but im not gonna pay a cent for that dlc if it comes out for the PS3 version.

Baka-akaB3036d ago

I think people are unfair to only point capcom out, since most fighting game devs release those kind of screwed dlcs too , and most of the time its just alternative colors .

We knew that crap was coming , but yeah , it's BS . Avoid those like the plague .
Those should have been at minimum free for original sf4 owners , over the two meager colors gifs .

And they should at least make people vote for what they want as dlc costumes , with more than half of them being crap as usual

If i'm going to fork for stupid dlcs , i'd rather do it for a small studio , like Arcsys and its Blazblue serie .

Method3036d ago

The sad part is that this DLC is already on the disc and you're just paying to unlock it.

Myst3036d ago

Seriously that was fast...The game isn't even in my hands yet probably not even at the store now and already DLC has hit...

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The story is too old to be commented.