The Famitsu Controversy, Part 2: Hypocrisy

The nasty controversy stirred by Kotaku against the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu and Konami continues. The series of articles is about the review score of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, allegedly influenced by a tie-in that has the magazine appear in the game. Between Brian Ashcraft's complaints there is the lack of a full disclosure as part of the review.

But didn't Kotaku just hold a tie-in contest centered on WarioWare D.I.Y. and sponsorized by Nintendo? Yet they didn't write any full disclosure about it as part of the review of the game.

Also didn't Kotaku's sister site Jalopnik (published by Gawker, like Kotaku) have a tie-in with Forza Motorsport 3 very similar to the Konami/Famitsu one? Again, no full disclosures in sight.

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Saeveth2920d ago

Wonderful article. Very well put.

Hill_billy2920d ago

Kotaku would not have said a single thing. It is common knowledge that Kotaku is hugely bias against Sony and I am not a huge media junkie. I'm just a hick and I know about how bad Kotaku is when it comes to bias and hypocrisy.

TotalPS3Fanboy2919d ago

Kotaku got owned.
And, watch, predictably, in retaliation, Kotaku will give MGS:PW a crappy score.

ClownBelt2920d ago

Fricking great read I must say. That was very well written article with proofs. Kotaku got busted! I hope Famitsu and/or Konami just bring this to court to finish the issue quickly.

Torinir2920d ago

There's nothing to go to court over.

There's no libel, since there's no falsehood in their statements about Famitsu and Konami's relationship. Famitsu had a major COI when reviewing the Konami game. The top guy at Famitsu is shown in an advertisement for MGS, and Famitsu magazine appears in game as well. Kotaku also covered their assets by stating that MGS may very well have deserved the rating.

Kotaku may have lacked a ton of tact by the raging article, but it wasn't BS from start to finish.

As for their own conduct, it's Kotaku. Do we *really* expect better from them?

Abriael2919d ago

Honestly saying that the biggest gaming magazine in Japan shouldn't have reviewed the biggest portable game (or one of the biggest) released this year is a bit farfetched.

Anyway, there are two ways of writing this kind of news. One is the factual one, the other is the libelous one.
The factual one just lays down the facts, and lets the reader draw his own conclusion, that's what Ashcraft should have done if he really wanted to bash famitsu (dunno, maybe he's been slapped with a rolled copy of the magazine too much when he was little?).
The libelous one lays down the fact and then connects the docts artificially, coming to conclusions despite the lack of actual proof that would allow to safely connect those dots.
This is exactly Ashcraft's case. He has absolutely no proof of any fool play between Konami and Famitsu. They went on stage in a press conference to announce the tie-in, and did everything under the sun, giving their readership plenty elements to judge by themselves if their review has to be trusted.
Ashcraft decided on his own accord that there was foul play or that foul play was probable, without any kind of solid proof and only out of conjecture. This is where he fell into really bad and libelous journalism, bad journalism crowned by hypocrisy, because his own publication does exactly the same whenever they can.

alphakennybody2920d ago

kotaku got served a cold dish of crows.

stuntman_mike2920d ago

these advertisement deals have been going on for years in gaming magazines, and weather the magazine gives it a perfect score or not people who play the games will know if they like it or not.

I think it all comes back to how do we judge if a game deserves a perfect score (regardless of exclusive advertisement) we all have our own opinion of what makes a perfect game, and going by this ashcrafts comments maybe we should scrutinise thier perfect scores and the ones they had exclusive deals with.

Gun_Senshi2920d ago

While not a popular site, its definitly always worth reading.

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