GameDaily: 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Review

GameDaily writes: "With soccer's greatest tournament headed our way in June, EA Sports is ready with a virtual recreation of the event, 2010 FIFA World Cup, on store shelves this week. Sure, it arrived six weeks early, but that will help get soccer enthusiasts excited for the real games to come. And, like FIFA 10, it's a faithful recreation of the real thing."

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Cevapi882887d ago

way to be greedy EA...instead of actually including FIFA WorldCup in FIFA!!!!! isnt that the name of the game???

you go and make 2 separate games to make a quick buck...could you imagine how fun it would be to play Be A Pro and have the ability to play for your nation if your player becomes good feature that would make the game that much more fun and exciting

HOSe2887d ago

its easier for them to go this route because they are using the same formula from 2006, and it must have worked for them then.