Kotaku: After Burner Climax Review: You Will Do A Barrel Roll

Kotaku writes: "Adrenaline junkies who feel the need-specifically, the need for speed-but don't have access to an actual F-14D or a deluxe arcade cabinet will be gleefully forced to settle for Sega's console port of After Burner Climax, it's 2006 aerial dogfighter.

Rarely do Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network games feel as arcade-y as does After Burner Climax, which puts players in control of one of three high speed jetfighters, millions of rounds of artillery and thousands of missiles to dispose of a nuclear threat, shooting down hundreds of enemy airships along the way. After Burner Climax doesn't deviate far from the course set by its arcade predecessors with the exception of the slowly regenerating Climax Meter, which when employed slows down time and temporarily grants the player infinite lock-on missiles."

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