Q & A with NaturalMotion's Rob Donald on Backbreaker: Part 1

Ex: "Recently we had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Rob Donald, Associate Producer at NaturalMotion, to discuss their upcoming football game Backbreaker. We talked about NaturalMotion's vital role in games like Red Dead Redemption and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and received an extra helping of Backbreaker gameplay details. He even offered some gutsy insight about tackling the Madden juggernaut head-on.

Over the course of a marathon 120 minute discussion, the passion in Rob Donald's voice never subsided and his confidence in NaturalMotion's Backbreaker never wavered. Despite having our list of questions in advance, his answers lacked a scripted, pre-meditated quality. If anything, they resembled off-the-cuff passionate monologues about a product he is truly excited about putting in the hands of gamers, football junkies, and even the Madden faithful."


The site will be giving away a copy of Backbreaker with the conclusion of the interview on June 1st.

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shadowdancer3036d ago

I like the background aboutthe company but can't wait to hear about the gameplay. I hate to ditch Madden, but from what I've seen I might have to this year.

Motion3036d ago

Does this game have licensed franchises or does Madden have those rights exclusively?