Codemasters: F1 2010 Will Deliver the 'Most Authentic Experience Possible'

Taking Formula One fans further behind the scenes of F1 2010, the 'Handling' developer diary also features new gameplay footage and former Formula One test driver Anthony Davidson, discussing the development team's aim to create the "most authentic experience possible."

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aaron58293008d ago

That's what i needed to hear... but if this turns out like GRID... i'll be pissed.

GodGinrai3007d ago

GRID aint a bad game to be fair but i preffer the handling model in the old TOCA series more. same goes for DIRT. CMR3 and 4 were better than DIRT. ideally i would like to see geoff crammond gp levels of detail in the handling with GRID/DIRT`s level of graphical polish and presentation. F1 fans want an authentic experience not some arcadey-mountain dew fest with a whole lot of hand-holding going on in the handling department. That will only upset me as an F1 fan (die hard mclaren fan....but my dream car is a ferrari i quetly wish ferrari well each season!). Every F1 fan wants to experience the challenge of taming an f1 car CM..dont let us down by curtailing the handling towards "accessability for all". thats the reason why i cant play DIRT. The cars are too easy to master and i dont get the satifaction i had from the driving experience i had in CMR3 and 4.

kevco333007d ago

I absolutely loved DiRT and DiRT 2! I thought they were brilliant instant fun racing games.

aaron58293007d ago

Absolutely !

Me too, a hardcore F1 fan, i want it as real as possible... I thoroughly enjoyed F1 2006 CE... although there were some AI problems.. they are fast at certain tracks, very slow on some other...

I mean i got a pole in monaco, bahrain and some other circuits using the Toro Rosso at the hardest difficulty, but i get lapped 3 times at Spain. LOL... So, i wish Codemasters can get the AI to be consistent.

@ Kevco : Although i did enjoy Dirt 2 for a bit.. but it got stale after a while... I just cant enjoy arcadey racers...

If this turns out to be authentic as they claimed... this game and gt5 will last me for years.

claterz3007d ago

This game is gonna be awesome, this and GT5, all I need.

kevco333007d ago

From what I've seen, this is going to be way out of my league. I like my racing games arcadey - y'know, fun, rather than painful experiences wincing at race-ending crashes!

chak_3007d ago

just like flashpoint?

You are cunts codemaster, flashpoint was supposed to be the most authentic experience, yet it was nothing but shi*

kevco333007d ago

I actually quite liked Flashpoint -obviously I prefer more authenticity in muy shooters than recing games!

Toolster3007d ago

I think you should edit your comment as you have dropped the C word but blanked out a lesser swear in shi*

iamgoatman3007d ago

So you can say "cunts" but you can't say "sh*t".

Could N4G's censor be anymore useless?

chak_3007d ago

sorry, english is not my native laguage, and I didn't think it was THAT offensive.

i'll check my mouth twice from now on

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gamerz3007d ago

Sorry, but Codemasters is addicted to that easy arcade-physics gravy train. They will *never* make another simulation racer. Grid, Dirt & Flashpoint is all they know now, and all they'll churn out from now on.

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