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The greatest stage is about to be set in South Africa this summer and it'll hold the world's largest tournament of athletic prowess. It's time to wear your national colors proud and celebrate the FIFA World Cup. With countries all over the world training diligently, carefully planning, and executing their plays, the world is about to witness one of the greatest and passion filled events of the decade. The World Cup takes place every four years and each yr the intensity is cranked up another notch. Will this be the year your country reigns supreme and brings home the coveted World Cup trophy, or will your nations rival stand in your way once again and void that chance of winning once more? It's the biggest sporting tournament in the world, and EA is letting you take all that love, intensity, and raw passion home with the release of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.

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Urmomlol3037d ago

Good to know they made some solid improvements this time around. Oh, as for the world cup, I have some good money riding on Brazil.