G4TV: End of Nations Impressions

The newly-renamed Trion Worlds (used to be just Trion) is attempting to establish itself as a major player in the AAA game publisher world, specifically by specializing in massively multiplayer games. It's a robust, money-making genre, even beyond the insane market share of World of Warcraft, and focusing on MMO games by hiring top-notch industry talent and working with strong partners seems to make sense.

One of those partners, Petroglyph Studios is bringing their expertise in building real-time strategy games like Star Wars: Empire at War and collaborating with Trion's large scale social gaming platform. The result is an honest to gosh MMORTS, where large groups of gamers will team up with their respective armies on huge maps to battle it out versus the A.I. or each other, all the while effecting the overall, persistent game world. Other games have experimented with the idea, but End of Nations intends to do it like no other.

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