5 Essential iPad Games You Should Play

Frag Crunch writes: With the iPad out, it is very appealing to the casual market. It has a slick user interface, pretty colors, easy touch capabilities, its fast, and well and Apple product. People seem to love that, even when it lacks some key features.

This summer there will be an update for iPhone OS tha will bring key features that should have been in the software from the get go, along with that, a gaming cloud similar to steam or Xbox LIVE.

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Elven62829d ago

You really can't go wrong with Pinball.

Is Earthworm Jim out on iTunes yet? I think it may have been iPhone/iTouch only though.

Microsoft Xbox 3602829d ago

I wish they'd put back TransportTycoon back on the AppStore. It was free but I missed it before the dev behind the open source TT had it pulled.

Close_Second2829d ago

...but there is no way I'm spending over $1000 NZD (probably closer to $1,400 NZD) unless the games look a hell of a lot better!

Honestly, Apple NZ need to price their products more realistically. A brand new IPhone, on pre-pay, is still $1,200 NZD!

danielle0072829d ago

Mirror's Edge. It got a great review on IGN and it apparently got turned into more of a rhythm game, which I think would be super cool.

Plus, I loooooove Mirror's Edge, I must have beaten it 20 times on PC.

Mr Logic2829d ago

Playing it right now on PS3. 3 speedruns to go until a platinum. It's pretty brutal to get those times.

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