IGN: Madden NFL 11 Hands-On

GameFlow is, for all intents and purposes, a way to speed up the game of Madden. Not only that, but it also makes your time in-game much more authentic (or at least that's the end goal) than ever before. The mechanic behind the idea is simple: rather than have players pick their play from a massive playbook, their coach's artificial intelligence (AI) will do that for them.

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muDD3003d ago

Didn't ea learn from last years poor madden sales... they need to change it up... looks like i wont buy this years madden either... waste of money!

The_Zeitgeist3003d ago

You are an idiot man. The problem this year is they changed it up too much. If you don't like Madden fine. But don't come on here sounding like a walking cliche.

muDD3002d ago

@ The Zeitgeist
Madden has sucked for the last few years because they promise all of these changes, but the game is still the same. I'm sick of being duped by ea, and paying $60 for a game that is not worth it. Why do you think the game sales for madden last year were the lowest in years? not because of the economic crisis, but because gamers are becoming wise to ea's scam to get a quick buck for a inferior product. By your words (and your name) I can tell you are a dumbass and will spend the $60 for this piece of shyt franchise.