G4TV: Madden NFL 11 First Look

Forget what you know about Madden, because Madden is changing, big time. Madden NFL 11 is being heralded by Electronic Arts as the most important overhaul of Madden football ever.

Could that actually be true? Last year's version was good, with its slowing down of play on the field and its rugby-like Pro-Tak tackling technology. But a lot of writers thought it was kind of, well, the same old, same old. Change was in the wind, though. Even last year before Madden NFL 10 was released, Tiburon developers were whispering -- off the record -- "Wait 'til next year."

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donscrillinger2952d ago

WOW WHERE IS CRIS BERMAN ,TOM JACKSON ,CHEERLEADERS,THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE.I HOPE THE WEATHER channel thing works this year in online ranked games.also will the field kick up grass like it does in real life and will they be putting the usercam back in the game so the user 'us' can put the cam at any angle we want it on ..little things like that .thats wat we want e.a. P.S. and plz unless u user catch the ball plz turn down that wack int's OMFG its so fake