GamePro: Red Dead Redemption - Multiplayer Preview

Though Rockstar offered a fairly robust multiplayer offering for 2008's smash hit Grand Theft Auto IV, it was hard to deny that the experience paled in comparison to what the game offered in single-player. With their next open-world endeavor, Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar is working to seamlessly blend the experience of exploring the wide-open vistas of RDR's expansive world in single player with the fun and excitement of jumping into any online game with friends to stir up a ruckus. We sat down recently with a few other journalists and some representatives from Rockstar to delve into the varied multiplayer modes in Red Dead Redemption...

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TheDarkness2975d ago

Cant wait for this game..

GLoRyKnoT2975d ago

we don't have much longer:)

Myst2975d ago

Gonna rustle me up some doggies when I get this here game.