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"Split/Second is an action racing game where speed meets strategy in a city rigged for destruction. "

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Blaze9292914d ago

Game is pretty fun but I'm going for Blur instead.

JasonXE2914d ago

Yeah Blur seems like the game which will be more fun online. 20p vs 8p online...hmmm -_-

AridSpider2914d ago

Both are good games from what I played. I'll definitely be playing Blur online a lot more no doubt. Shame both are them are coming out the same month

ProA0072914d ago

Blur is hella addicting.

Demons Souls2914d ago

But i'm getting ModNation Racers instead. Seems like it will be a lot more fun online especially since you can create your own characters & tracks.

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AridSpider2914d ago

Playing this just made me want the next Burnout game so much more.

ProA0072914d ago

Isn't Criterion working on the new Need for Speed?

ProA0072914d ago

didn't even know this demo was out. downloading now