E3 2010 Predictions

The Amazing Chriswell predicts what will be shown at this year's E3 in June, from the Big Three and others. Dare you read on?

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Valay3037d ago

I honestly think this will be the best conference for Nintendo since 2006, although it won't be difficult to top their previous ones...

The Tingler3037d ago

Last year's wasn't too bad with Metroid: Other M and Super Mario Galaxy 2, but still had stuff like the Vitality Sensor. And 2008 was one of the worst shows they've ever had. Ick.

I'm looking forward to this one... as you can probably tell! ;)

halojunkie3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

since im gettin a ps3, im really wanting to try the kz series and i youtubed the vids and omg there nice! gotta play it. looks insane. thx! ;)

EDIT: MURDERDOLLS. killzone 2 looks better than any shooter ive seen yet. including halo3.

-MD-3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Killzone gives me headaches. I just want to see what Rare has been working on and a Twisted Metal announcement.

Kingdom Hearts 3 would be nice.

Edit: @Halojunkie - It's visuals didn't stop it from giving me a headache. It's the only game I've ever played that did that.

Government Cheese3037d ago

I'm so hoping for a GTA V announcement. Its literally been 2 years since GTA IV came out, and while the DLC was good, I'm just definitely ready for the next one.

IRetrouk3037d ago

i find it hard to believe that the only game that gives you headaches is killzone 2, i think the word TROLL comes to mind.

Redrum0593037d ago

i coulnt help but laugh at the pictures(move and natal parodies)

IRetrouk3037d ago

Yeah they made me laugh too,on topic i like the idea of both control methods and will be buying both.

Rumor3037d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

+ premium service. move games + pricing(cheap bundles). more games unveiled (wtf happened to beyond good and evil 2!??). Avatar blu-ray bundle to boost ps3 sales to the f'king moon. KevB hosting. and finally..... teh saleeeezzz!

Noctis Aftermath3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Both FF Versus 13 and Agent won't remain exclusive? this isn't microsoft we are talking about, i doubt sony will turn to microsoft style tactics with 3rd party games and only ask for a timed exclusive.

Anyone else think that this article is just a troll attempt?

@below: i agree, i like that nomura appears to be a PS loyalist at heart, and i feel the same way about FF, the last good one was X(imo).

Redrum0593036d ago

actualy, nomura has continualy stated that it will remain exclusive, nomura is a ps3 loyalist and i prefer him like that. its been to long since ive played a good ff game. enjoying ff13 at the moment but i dont count it as a good ff experience. as for agent, im not sure.

Biggest3036d ago

If they're making Agent from the ground up for the PS3 to take advantage of the PS3 features, as they said they were, I don't know how it would work on the 360 even if they wanted it to.

HolyOrangeCows3036d ago

Microsoft will probably limit most of their showing of Natal with videos, not wanting its flaws to be revealed.

UltraNova3036d ago

'I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody (Bill Cosby)'

So undeniably true...However MS and Sony do not understand the meaning behind this quote, hence Natal and MOVE..

Obama3036d ago

Murderdolls stop the bs. Killzone 2 is a slow paced shooter and it shouldn't give you a headache. If you say Unreal tournament gives you a headache then I understand.

Reibooi3036d ago

This such a patheic attempt.

First off Final Fantasy Versus XIII is more then likely going to remain PS3 exclusive. For a few reasons. One is that Nomura has said time and time again that it will and he has ALOT of pull inside SE and they would not want to risk pissing him off so that's why it will stay exclusive. In addition to that even at this insanely early stage we have seen that the in game graphics for the game are FAR and away better then Final Fantasy XIII which if you remember had to be dumbed down for 360. So I find it highly unlikely it will ever end up on that platform.

2nd off he says Gears of War 3 will be the big game MS Focus's on. WHY? Halo: Reach is coming out THIS YEAR!!! Gears 3 isn't coming until NEXT year. Why would they focus on a game from next year when they can massively hype up Reach which comes out this fall? It makes no sense.

I would predict that we will see more from the Halo Reach single player considering the Beta will have started by then. Perhaps a mission from the single player will be shown.

IdleLeeSiuLung3036d ago

I looked at the first picture of PS Move and laughed my @ss off. Then I scroll down and look at the picture of Natal and laughed even harder!

This site has a good sense of humor!

Lightsaber3036d ago

sounds more like a wish list

catguykyou3036d ago

If FFV XIII goes multiplat, everyone will look at the CG movies and scenes released so far and claim that it was the original PS3 build and the new *real* in game graphics are the dumbed down graphics to cater to the 360. I really hope it stays exclusive just so we can see how much SE really knows how to use the PS3 hardware. VXIII and XIII are both using the same engine. There shouldn't be any graphical/performance differences except for artistic.

PshycoNinja3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

seriously its been 4 years since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out and we still don't have any announcements, leaks, etc. on KH3. KH is probably my favorite JRPG of all time (for a long time I wouldn't play the KH games simply because it had disney characters in it).

Seriously I bought a PS3 for KH3 because knowing how Nomura is it will come out on PS3. Besides don't you guys see the correlation?


The threes at the end? How could you not play around with that...... Man all those guessing what's going to happen next in the series is really getting to my head.

exnihilonihilfit3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Engines can always be easily improved and adapted. As a matter of fact, FFXIII is a perfect example of how a gameplay engine can be adapted. Take a look at the actual gameplay when you're roaming, and then take a look at the game-engine cutscenes (not to be confused with FMV cutscenes). The game engine cutscenes are almost as good as the FMV's at times, yet the in-game graphics during battle and roaming aren't nearly as good as those. Indeed, the game-engine cut scenes were pre-rendered and post-processed, but that doesn't mean that in-game graphics couldn't become a close approximation of those graphics given time and resources. The game engine already demonstrates that it has varying levels of quality in just one game. Now consider what happens when time passes and they make improvements to the engine. That's not even taking into account that the gameplay will be very different between the two games, making it so that resources are used in different ways, plus, since game design will not have to be tailored so that it's scaleable to other hardware, they'll be able to retool the engine so that it doesn't shy away from doing things that it can't expected to do on that other hardware.

-MD-3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

"i find it hard to believe that the only game that gives you headaches is killzone 2, i think the word TROLL comes to mind."

I'm sorry but you're simply an idiot. I played the Killzone 2 demo twice and it gave me a headache both times to the point of me having to lay down.

Obama3036d ago

"I'm sorry but you're simply an idiot. I played the Killzone 2 demo twice and it gave me a headache both times to the point of me having to lay down."

Well then may be you should leave the game to the men, woman. :)

-MD-3036d ago

Or just people with bad taste.

Jinxstar3036d ago

I believe murderdolls.

I have the same problem with a few game engines. Everything made by valce gives me a splitting headache. i bought the huge valve pack for PC when L4D 1 released because I was super pumped. 10 min in it started. I tried Halflife and couldn't play that either. Portal the same and TF2... REally sad because I want to play those games and I spent so much money on them...

Also the old quake games did the same to me as well. Al,so I DL'd a demo off PSN for some quake game. 5 min in and I had a headache as well...

KZ2 I can play fine though. Different people have different physiology.

gintoki7773036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

@the guy with the panda bear in the picture
catguy idk
but Final fantasy 13 versus does not run on the same engine actually it runs on a slightly newer one called crystal tools idk wat number but i think .3 ff13 was .2 versus has updated engine that which is closer to advent children graphics

morkendo3036d ago

was hopeing a prediction from CRITERIONS NFS

The Tingler3036d ago

I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming, love those games, but I don't think it'll be this year. Next hopefully.

FlameBaitGod3036d ago

AH thats y muder hates the PS3!, hes brain cant handle awesome graphics!. Now I get it!, that's y you love your 360! because its a sub hd and easy to follow!

-MD-3036d ago

"hes brain cant handle"

Well that's ironic.

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The Time Reaper3037d ago

I'd like to see -

Last Guardian
Infamous 2 with coop/competitive
KZ3 with coop/competitive
LESS motion control

The Tingler3036d ago

Last Guardian! Dang, forgot that one! Looking forward to that, too. How could I forget it?

el_nene_lindo3037d ago

so sad want advil for the headaqes everytime you play [email protected]$$$

madpuppy3036d ago

You know that s/he get headaches every time a great Sony game is released.

trounbyfire3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

KZ3 can't take place on earth because all of Earth resources were used up and the planet was F up by nukes in war. That is why they started to go in to outer space in the first place. Seriously people don't even know KZ story at all and you can't take this guy seriously.

sounds like someone wants another military shooter cause god knows we don't have like 5 coming out this year

The Tingler3036d ago

Don't you think that would make a nice twist then? Plus, I want to see a nuke-blasted Earth! Y'know, outside Fallout.

trounbyfire3036d ago

that is not what KZ is about and its not happening. first the people of earth left the planet because earth had no more resources you wouldn't have factories and other things like that plus they are so from earth that it would be stupid to travel all the back to it. second go and play you fallout crap is you want post apoc. third there is still another side that can enter the war. there is the ISA, UNC and helghast. IF anything the UNC will have to step in and help the ISA get off helghan because the helhgast are about to open a can of [email protected]@ kicking like never before. then in KZ4 it will be UNC and IAS against the helghast to wipe them out.

BTW the UNC > ISA. UNC is a big deal and are very powerful formed as the people of earth started to space travel. IT all stated with OIL RUNNING OUT then the crap hit the fan and we nuked each other then we took to space to find more resources.

Greysturm3036d ago

Earth is like the Corruscant of the Killzone universe, there are no resources but it claimes tithes from all the colonies. The nuclear fallout has long been dealt with. The only problem is that storywise it would make no sense to have it on earth with the exception of a terrorist plot and killzone is not about peacekeeping bur all out war.

IRetrouk3037d ago

a GT5 date and will be very happy, also a new jak and daxter game plz, oh and another uncharted, oh and another heavy rain type game, oh and another motorstorm, oh and another god of war, oh and some gears 3 info.