Metroid Prime 3 - E3 2007 trailer, gameplay video and screens

Samus Aran returns to hunt some bounty in her biggest adventure yet.

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midgard2293934d ago

unimpressive, but good 4 wii i guess, 1 of the better lookin games 4 it tho

PS360WII3934d ago

midgard229 I know you didn't watch any of them so I'll just disregard your comment

That's looking good and seeing that they just focused on single player(which they should seeing that that's what it is) it'll be a rather long and impressive game ^^ I'm sure the campain will last a lot longer than most games out there now ^^ good times good times

midgard2293934d ago

i actually watched the first one, it doesnt look bad, i never said it did, just meant it didnt look to different than the others, lol i dont hate it, its one of nintendos better franchises, but i wont play this one cuz im not getting a wii. all i said was it was unimpressive i didnt bash lol

ReconHope3934d ago

they turn blue and dies. can we have some blood please.

ItsDubC3934d ago

ROFL are you serious?!

Kids these days...

texism3934d ago

Congratulations, you get a stoopid-comment-of-the-year award!

ShadoWulf3934d ago

Let's add blood and cursing slap on an M rating and call it Haloid instead. I like Nintendo because it's not interested in gore. Metroid is a great series. And it IS different from the rest. Midgard, I suggest you see the second video. I personally dislike the first (the trailer) because of the smiling people and the music. It doesn't fit Metroid. Just play Prime 2; there were certainly no smiling people in that one. I believe Nintendo is focusing too much on the casual gamer, and promoting such a wonderful FPS which Retro Studios says is 'definitely not for grandma' with the same advertising techniques as freakin Wii sports is a bad decision. I want some Halo 3-style dramatic advertising for my Metroid. It deserves it.

candystop3934d ago

This actually looks pretty impressive for a Wii title! I might just have to pick this one up! There really trying to pull you into the helmet this time and I think that MS should make something like the Wii remote for it's shooters!

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