More Infinity Ward staffers leave, join Respawn

Joystiq: The siphon that delivers Infinity Ward expatriates to Vince Zampella and Jason West's new company Respawn Entertainment appears to have been primed. Two more have joined the new studio: senior software engineer Chris Lambert and designer Brent McLeod are new hires at the new EA Partners-funded studio, according to their LinkedIn profiles.

In addition to those two, three more have left Infinity Ward.

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NateNater2946d ago

This situation is similar to what happened with Tecmo/Team Ninja. Itagaki was owed royalties from Dead or Alive 4 from Tecmo. Tecmo didn't want to pay him. So, Itagaki left and took lots of his crew with him and they started their own company, Valhalla Game Studios.

History repeats itself my friends. Note to game companies: Pay your developers what they deserve.

Respawn is the new Infinity Ward.

TheColbertinator2945d ago

I also blame Activision for threatening their development freedom similar to how EA ruined Westwood,Origin and Pandemic,three of the most promising developers the industry ever saw.

Redrum0592945d ago

activision and EA deserve to burn to the ground

Godmars2902945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Tecmo had a change of leadership, Itagaki didn't like how things where looking and left, then later sued for back pay after a few of his loyalist also quit. A couple of Yakuza guys were not seen shortly before he was disappeared on orders from a long standing management.

NateNater2945d ago

Ok, so maybe the situation I described isn't really that similar. But you guys get the point. Respawn will basically become the new Infinity Ward. Hopefully we'll see some good games come out of this situation.

Bnet3432945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Oh yeah I was going to say the same thing. When Itagaki left Team Ninja and all the good devs from there followed him. lol at Redrum's comment.

Godmars2902945d ago

How do you come to that conclusion when we've yet to see an Itagaki title post Team Ninja?

Come to that, given how bug ridden MW2 was, what says "Infinity Ward" isn't going to do any better under a different name?

AAACE52945d ago

I don't remember alot of people following Itagaki from Tecmo, but I may be wrong!

I still don't like EA that much, but I hate Activision. So i'm glad to see more people leave and that Bobby Kotick dude!

DRUDOG2945d ago

@Colbert, don't forget Bullfrog as well...

Elven62945d ago

Godmars: No, Itagaki was fired from his job by his boss weeks before he was supposed to leave the company, Itagaki then sued Tecmo because they owed him money from Dead or Alive 4 and the CEO was apparently making slanderous remarks about it in front of other Team Ninja staff.

Unlike Tecmo, Activision only owed royalties that would have been paid out at the end of the quarter, not ones that they withheld for nearly 3 years!

TreMillz2945d ago

Tim Johnson, the head janitor at Infinity Ward was said to have resigned today. While at IW, Johnson was incharge of sweeping, mopping and leading the other janitors in the field. He confirmed the news on his Twitter page this afternoon. Activision has yet to respond with a comment on another key departure.

On topic: Yea Call of Duty is dying a slow death. 3 games in 2 years? Depseration is a bad thing folks.

Hill_billy2945d ago

EA has since redeemed themselves and is evident in the games they are currently releasing. It truly started with Dead Space and a few others a couple years ago. Activision however will need to see the light before I buy anything from them at this time. Can't wait for the first Respawn game, I am sure it will knock the ball out of the park.

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mrdxpr22945d ago

Soo mostly little by little piece by piece infinity ward is getting back together but with a diferent name and under a new publisher yeah... sucks for activision.

CryWolf2945d ago

Activision is to blame about this Infinity Ward is gone a lot of good staffers are leaving because of activision dummies.

badz1492945d ago

now we'll get an exact clone of CoD but this time developed by respawn and published by EA! just what all the sheep need! /s

jdktech20102945d ago

The question is though of how much MW2 was Activision stepping in and how much was IW own's probably somewhere in the middle

We know the DLC pricing was ALL activision

badz1492945d ago

but making the game was all IW! every single glitch and broken mechanic in MW2 are all IW!

solar2945d ago

sleep with the devil, you are going to be burned. hopefully Valve stays indy. we, as a whole for the gaming industry need indy dev's that are willing to take risks without a big publisher overseeing development.

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