Namco Bandai trademarks Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Namco Bandai has recently passed a trademark for the name Ace Combat: Assault Horizon under the European trademark office for use in video game machines, discs and ROM cartridges, and more.

Namco Bandai's currently on the verge of releasing PSP's Ace Combat: Joint Assault and an iPhone Ace Combat has already been released. The latest console Ace Combat was Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation for Xbox 360 back in 2006.

Could Assault Horizon be the next console game? Only Namco Bandai's official announcement will tell

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Godmars2902949d ago

Would love to know why AC6 never hit the PS3. Namco left a lot of money on the table, especially in Japan.

Demons Souls2949d ago

Hope it doesn't suck like Ace Combat 6 did. That was the worst game in the series.

TheColbertinator2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

Hmm I actually agree.The story about Voychek,Shamrock and the Garuda Force resembled the crap plot of Independence Day.Not to mention Namco went too far with the DLC milk-athon that Activision has perfected.

"Let's get to it. The grand total of all of AC6's DLC (including new jets, skins, new missions and multiplayer modes) equals an astonishing $121.83 or 9,750 Microsoft points. Add to that the cost of the game itself and you've got a $181 "complete" AC6 experience. Outrageous! After doing the math, 1UP was able to ask NAMCO about the numerous / crazy expensive DLC and were given the standard we "pay very close attention to user feedback and comments", blah, blah, blah marketing runaround."-Joystiq

BadKarmaSutra962949d ago

You forgot the cost if you purchased the Ace Combat joystick bundle. Add about another $110. I must admit though, the flight stick is a nice unit. Worked great with IL-2 Sturmovik.

BadKarmaSutra962949d ago

I hope the next Ace Combat has less of the "kill the flying aircraft carrier" and "fly into the barrel of a giant cannon." But I've been told they're all kind of like that.

I wish someone would make a Over-G Fighters 2.

ExgamerLegends22948d ago

Totally agree. Ace Combat 5 was the best of the bunch. Best story AND story telling. More missions, better music, and it introduced the squad command feature to the franchise. It's like a different team made AC5....or did they?

And yea the whole "shoot down a flying behemoth" and weave through a tight space never gets old in AC. If you think otherwise YOU CAN GO DANCE WITH THE ANGELS MISTER!!!! LOL so lame.

Hope this new one hits ps3 and resembles AC5

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