GameStop Deal Brings Serious Savings to PS3 Games

PSLS writes: "GameStop have been known for huge limited edition game savings from time to time. This week is no different. There is currently a code available which lowers the price of any new game purchased online at GameStop by a considerable amount..."

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Myst3036d ago

34.00 for Demon's Souls looks like the best deal to me. Though I'm sure someone can find it for a better price elsewhere more than likely.

Demons Souls3036d ago

You can find me right here.

HolyOrangeCows3036d ago

"Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition & $10 future order credit – $21"

Whoa. LBP and a $10 credit for $21 bucks. No more excuses, I'm buying!

Parapraxis3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Pretty much the same deals here in Canada:
No Demon's Souls, but some others like UC2, BFBC2 and Asses Creed 2 are there

SMBWii is there for Wii owners and a lot of the same discounted PS3 titles are available for 360 as well.

@Nuri , you probably won't find Demon's Souls anywhere for much lower than that.

Myst3036d ago

@Demon's Souls: Lol

@Parapraxis: Aww, saddening to hear. Usually you guys always come in with a link to some other place that has it cheaper than GS. Oh well, I just said it because I thought it might happen. Had the game since Day 1 so no need for me, though it does remind me to go through the game again...

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Nathaniel_Drake3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I bought MGS4 at Gamestop with their special deal which was 19.99 I brought the box, which had red 19.99 stickers on it and a "New" label on it, to the cash register. I thought I was going to get the game in a separate sleeve and then use the box as a cover, but to my surprise they gave me a new shrink wrapped one and it wasn't even a greatest hits but the original!!!

danielle0073036d ago

At Gamestop, they only have to display 1 box of a game, and they keep the rest sealed up in backstock.

KillaManiac3036d ago not even gunna lie...thats some good deals.

21$ for GOTY Littlebigplanet AND you get the 10$ off future purchase?!?

Urmomlol3036d ago

I never buy stuff from Gamestop. Matter of principal really.

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