DualShockers Invades Evil Avatar's Shotgun Podcast

DualShockers writes, "Our very own Senior Editor Al Zamora was invited to join the gang over at Evil Avatar this week for the recording of their Shotgun podcast. As expected, much excitement ensues as they discuss everything from Super Street Fighter IV to Neptune's Pride (don't worry, I had to look up what it was, too). Those of you who listen to our ShockCast on a regular basis will be able to immediately recognize Al's gleeful voice amidst the chaos,"

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Ninferno2859d ago

great podcast... SSFIV!!!!

Ninferno2859d ago

i bet i can beat all those people in the podcast in street fighter.

AzarVC2859d ago

Dang dude, you're pretty serious about SSFIV

Hitman07692859d ago

Touche', I bet I can beat your ass at Mortal Kombat tho!

Hitman07692859d ago

Very interesting podcast. I am definitely interested in Super Street Fighter IV but since I don't have a PlayStation yet and most of my friends play it on Xbox Live I'm not sure what to do just yet. I might just end up getting an Xbox 360 after all?

iiprotocolii2859d ago

Awesome podcast - and funny as hell too.

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