The hottest five games that will blow you away in May

VGArabia: Here we go again. 2010 started with Bayonetta and Mass Effect 2, then Heavy Rain in February. March was an extraordinary month with some big hitters such as God of War 3 and Final Fantasy XIII. If you think gaming can't get any better this year, you are absolutely wrong. May is shaping up to be the strongest month thus far.

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Hellsvacancy2886d ago

Red Dead Redemptions all i want

immortal842886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

For me, Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Alan Wake.

NateNater2886d ago

I'm pretty excited for 3D Dot Game Heroes and ModNation Racers. But at the top of my list are MGS:PW and SMG2.

JL2886d ago

Agreed. ModNation is one of my more anticipated this year. I would easily put that in this list over Lost Planet. 3d dot too. Though 3d dot is going to have to wait cause I'm already getting ModNation and Red Dead this month. That should fill me for a lil while.

movements2886d ago

For me, it's Peace Walker.

Myst2886d ago

Red Dead gotta finish my pre-order this week, After that I honestly don't know. Lost Planet 2 is still in the maybe section, though for what I have from this month as well as a backlog of games I should be satisfied with just Red Dead. The single-player alone looks nice and the multiplayer just enhances it and increases it's longevity.

May end up renting Lost Planet 2 though...