Gran Turismo 5 Dated For The US?

How long have we been waiting for Grand Turismo 5? Yeah...a long time; we've had GT5 Prologue and a GT5 time trial demo, but it is time for the actual game.

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lokiroo4203038d ago

Confirmed date or stfu, seriously.

deadreckoning6663038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Guys I wouldn't be surprised if GT5 came in 2011 ta compete with Forza 4. If Sony did this, it would be a good move IMO. Polyphony is trying to make this game as close to perfect as possible and perfection takes time.

Redrum0593038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

definitive racer, yes it is, and you know its gonna be filled with top quality and content wen its in 3 bluray disks.

EDIT: lol i can only emagine who.

Edit: then i know who they are, lol, keep puurring where you hide trolls . srry alpha-male.

-Alpha3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

It's not on 3 Blu Ray discs redrum, that is rumored/confirmed to be a Collector's Edition.

And fans have waited long enough. Many quality games have come out in shorter time than it has taken for GT5 to come out. GT5 is going to be great, but fans have waited long enough. Hopefully it's as great as people are expecting it to be.


I didn't give you disagrees man. I'll give you agrees to balance it out though lol.

Redrum0593038d ago

@alpha-male, why the hell the disagrees for, i was just judging from this video


3038d ago
Redrum0593038d ago

agreed, GT doesnt need to compete with forza. And if forza is realy good as "some" make it out to be, then they wouldnt need to release a damn sequal every other year.

-Alpha3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Forza is a quality series. It's proven that. Why is it when Forza is criticized sales are brought up instead of scores? I thought sales =/= quality?

Listen, I get that Forza/GT5 is a big feud, but there is no need to trash one side in order to praise the other. They are both great quality series from what I've seen. Some people love Forza better, others like GT better. Why does one have to be infinitely better? GT5 will come out and fans will love it. Forza's released 2 games this gen and fans have loved those also. If you aren't going to play the competition product fine, but why have to trash it as if there can only be one great Sim Racer?


My comment was for both parties generally. There is no reason to bring up Forza to trash on GT. Like I said, there is room for both games, I don't get why people are fighting. I get that there are fanboys on both sides, but instead of putting down the game put down the idiocy of the fanboy. I never understand why the product gets trashed on instead of the people that taint it.

DaTruth3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Sony might wait for Forza 4 so that all four Forza's put together might be the only way Forza can compete with GT5... might.

@Alpha-male: Did you happen to notice who brought up Forza? The troll got trolled on.

AAACE53038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Fans will be in racing heaven when this releases! It should take up alot of gamers time. It will almost definately gain more fans since it includes the Nascar aspect. No doubt GT 5 will sell millions!

@Alpha-Male 1.7.... Couldn't have said it better myself!

They will both be quality racing games and have their flaws, but overall, they will both be great! It doesn't have to really be a this game is better than that one type of thing. Whatever system you have, you will have a good racing game on. And in the end that's all that matters!

soxfan20053038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

"And if forza is realy good as "some" make it out to be, then they wouldnt need to release a damn sequal every other year."

Replace "Forza" with "Uncharted" or "Resistance" and you'll see how ridiculous that comment is. Not to mention, isn't Killzone 3 rumored for next year, just 2 years after Killzone 2?

TheBest3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

In different genres it's a different situation. Take Halo for an example. The series has multiple new games every year and they're usually quit well handled. Resistance 2 was a fine game, and a huge change from R:FoM. Uncharted 2 ... yeah, 150+ awards says it all.

However in racing games, it's like this:
NFS releases every year and it's a glitchy bug fest every god damn time. Forza releases every 2 years and it's a minor improvement every time. GT releases every 3-5 years and it's a huge improvement every time. Every time!

If Turn 10 took 3-4 years to make a game, I have no doubt they may be able to reach the polish/features that GT5 looks to have.

Hahaha, yeah, it's not going to release in 2011 buddy. I bet my right big toe on it.

Also, PD have said time and time again, the only people they are competing with is themselves.

A quote from Kazunori Yamauchi on other racing games like Forza 3 and NFS:Shift (notice the lack of trash talking unlike Dan Greenwalt does):

"I think it's great that the racing game market is getting bigger ... It's like if you are a rock fan, you'd like there to be more rock groups. Same idea. That being said, we don't view Gran Turismo as competing with those other titles. We are competing with ourselves."


We've had unconfirmed release dates a million times before, what makes you think this is any different?

Here's an idea, wait until E3 where they WILL announce it and it's release date. Okay? Until then, stop hyping/bashing/releasing unconfirmed information on GT5. I'm getting sick of it.

EDIT: @soxfan2005: Me stating what I said to you doesn't mean I support the person you replied to's comment, just so we're clear. I'm merely stating an observation :)

Redrum0593038d ago

you make a good point, i respect that. but there is a difference between the titles that u stated and gt/forza. those games that you mentioned have sequals released to expand the story/gameplay/graphics/experi ence, as for forza and gt, they are sapposed to mimic real life so if they keep releasing sequals then that just proves that the predicessor didnt quite accomplish its mission which is to mimic real life. i have to admit that i amy have gone too far and i apologize for bashing forza but my point is, saying that forza/gt is so realistic becomes a faulse statement wen the sequal hits, so then saying that one is a realistic sim is quite dumb wen it releases a sequal, only to prove that the sim that was said to be so realistic isnt so realistic at all. hence, why they are forced to make a sequal

Persistantthug3038d ago

If XBOX 360 owners can patiently await 5 years for ALAN WAKE.......

Surely, most surely we can wait 5 years for the most REPUTED racing franchise on the planet....right?


soxfan20053038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I appreciate your replies. My opinion simply differs from yours. I don't see a developer that releases a "quicker" sequel than their competitor as somehow being an admission that the previous product was inferior. Two years is pretty much the industry standard for sequels. Just because PD takes 5 years doesn't make 5 years the standard, and consequently make any sequel released in less than 5 years automatically considered "rushed".

Whether it be GT, Forza, Halo, or Mario, there's ALWAYS room for improvement, and consequently, room for sequels. No game is perfect.

@ thebest - If you want to see how Forza would fare releasing every 4 years instead of 2, just compare Forza 1 with Forza 3. Forza 3 is a HUGE improvement over Forza 1, just as GT5 will be a HUGE improvement over GT4. Plus, as a bonus, we got Forza 2 in between. Is that such a bad thing?

IRetrouk3038d ago

tbh it will be out when it is out, who is to say how long a game should be developed for? tell me forza wouldnt have been better with more dev time, and yes i have forza 3 not slaging the game, gt5 will be worth the wait,just look at the content. and any real fan of gt will wait for it.

TheBest3038d ago

Forza 1 released just after GT4 released, and was a slightly better game than GT4 was (in terms of gameplay alone). Forza 3 released last year. GT5 will release this year.

The difference between Forza 3 and Forza 1 is substantial, but the difference between GT5 and Forza 1 or GT4 will be even bigger than that of Forza 3's comparison.

Are you telling me if Turn 10 had one extra year (2010, like PD), Forza 3 would be better than what GT5 is shaping up to be? I somehow doubt that.

But if they did take that extra year and focused on making 1 game in that time than two, then yes, Forza 2 (as it would have been) could have been just as grandiose as GT5 is shaping up to be.

But yeah, let's not turn this into a silly contest. I've played Forza 3 and it is a great game. You get a hell of a lot of features that are currently unique to the series. It's definitely a reason to own a 360.

All this GT5 waiting is making me tired, is all :)

Rock Bottom3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Whenever GT5's name is mentioned, the discussion about how long it's been under development is brought, you don't see this happening with games like Alan Wake, The Agency, DC Universe Online or even LA Noir, or at least, it's not brought up as much, even though some of those games have been under development before GT5's announcement.

It might be justified in a topic about a release date, but seeing it in literally every GT5 article is annoying, even if it is true.

Also, saying that many quality games have come out in shorter time kinda make it sound like Polophony have been doing nothing except working on GT5 for the past few years, since GT4, they have released Tourist Trophy, GT5p, GTpsp, worked on GTHD before it got canceled, designed the status display for Nissan's Skyline GTR and worked alongside Citroën to actually design a "real" car. I think Polophony have been one of the most productive games developers in the past few years.

/GT fanboy rant

IRetrouk3038d ago

hit the nail on the fcukin head right there.

halojunkie3038d ago

but gran turismo is way way better than forza can ever freakin dream. its an insult to gt to compare.

Dee_913038d ago

And I totally learned something new about GT5!!!

IHateYouFanboys3038d ago


"Take Halo for an example. The series has multiple new games every year and they're usually quit well handled."

im sorry, 'multiple new games every year'? lets have a look...

Halo: Combat Evolved - 2001
Halo 2 - 2004
Halo 3 - 2007
Halo Wars - 2009
Halo 3: ODST - 2009

where are the 'multiple new games every year' in that list of games? name 2 years in which there were more than 1 halo games released lol.

please get your facts right before posting.

TheBest3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Yeah well done there buddy. Pick on the smallest most insignificant thing I stated, and ignore my main argument as a whole. Well done.

I even praised Halo. And you even stated a year where multiple new games were released (2009)! God you guys confuse me sometimes. So illogical.

tripewire3038d ago

Have to Disagree with Alpha on that one. Forza isn't near as good as GT5.

Lost my save game file thanks to a defective console, and while I wasnt terribly far in, I honestly have no desire to play the game again. It's just not as fun as GT. I mean it has all the extra bits, and swapping out the engine in my Ford Focus and converting it into a 5.0L V8 680KW All Wheel Drive Supercar-killer was fun, the driving just wasnt as fun as in GT. It was neither as fluid or as convincing.

Just my 2c anyway.

corneliuscrust3038d ago

I've had a lot more fun with Forza than I did with GT5p or the GT5 demo.

Where GT5 really shines is that it is so brutally close to reality. PD pulls no punches. They fine tune every little detail of their games to match as close to reality as possible with the hardware they are given. I for one am VERY happy that PD decided to not listen to the detractors, but to take their time and make GT5 live up to its immense hype. GT5 will set ALL kinds of new standards in attention to detail and depth of realism. They're going for broke with realistic weather, night racing, nascar, will crush every other racing game out there, sales wise.

Having said that, Forza strays from realistic racing in MANY areas. But it is, in my opinion, just so much fun, from the livery editor, to the auction house, to the vibrant community. Buying and selling, making some cash to buy new rides and customize them to your's just a great game to play.

Different games; different approach. Is one better? That depends on how you race, and what you like in your racing game.

Again, that's just my opinion and I can't wait to add the full GT5 game to my collection and play the heck out of both games (with my fanatec racing wheel :D:D)

irepbtown3037d ago

Release date in Argos says May? this year...

GT5 looks impressive, i like it so far. The trail alone i found amazing. Forza is amazing, but people, comparison will always be there. 'why always bring up forza ...' because they are both racing games. People compare BC2 with MW2, no problem. But Forza with GT, hell no. what's going on guys and girls.

I am waiting patiently for GT5, and i am loving every minute just thinking of it.

I'll see you on GT5 later this year.

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NateNater3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Yeah well GameStop lists The Last Guardian as a Nov 1, 2010 release date too

I'm not believing anything until I hear Sony's official word on GT5s release.

soxfan20053038d ago

I'm sure Game Stop lists unconfirmed release dates simply so they are able to process pre-orders in their computers.

Pre-orders are a huge part of Game Stop's business, and as long as there is a reasonable certainty that the game is actually going to be released in the next 6-8 months, Game Stop doesn't care about an actual confirmed release date.

morkendo3038d ago

about codemasters GRID 2 coming end of this year or 2011 and CRITERIONS NFS this nov. it wont compeat with GT5 but it'll surely beat forza 3

corneliuscrust3038d ago

for something to beat forza?

Can't great games co-exist?

Narutone663038d ago

usually has the first news regarding the release date of the game. I wouldn't trust other site on the release date.

harrisk9543038d ago

Games release on Tuesdays.

Sev3038d ago

Yeah, didn't you hear? Grand Turismo 5 is coming out on Blue-Ray disk.

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