PlayStation Move Developer Diary: Brunswick Pro Bowling

Bobby King lead designer of Brunswick Pro Bowling:

Hey everyone, this is Bobby King. I'm the lead designer of Brunswick Pro Bowling and undisputed bowling champion of FarSight Studios! Well, Jeff Rice, the lead programmer of our bowling game is pretty darn good too, so he might dispute my title. More than half of our studio bowls regularly in a weekly league up here in Big Bear Lake, CA so most of us are decent bowlers and huge fans of the sport.
We are all very excited to be working with Crave and Brunswick to make the definitive bowling game. A big part of that excitement has to do with the real world data we get from the PlayStation Move motion controller. For more details how perfect the PlayStation Move is for Brunswick Pro Bowling, check out the video below.

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whateva3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

The Devs and the people that tried it out all seem to love it!

The Dev said that PlayStation Move is Head & Shoulders above anything else out there for Consoles when it comes to versatility!