Do Video Game Cross Overs Achieve Anything?

Jon Ireson of DualShockers writes, "With Lost Planet 2 approaching it feels appropriate to remind readers that Dead Rising, Gears of War, and Resident Evil characters will be included in this title via character customization. We have seen this type of high profile feature before with Yoda/Darth Vader/Jedi Apprentice in Soul Calibur 4. Solid Snake appearing in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is another example. While these cameos peak our interest, have they ever delivered on the exciting prospect of bringing your favorite unique characters to life in a new universe?"

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iiprotocolii3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I think it does. It definitely widens the audience, exposing the game to far more gamers. It adds some sort of "value" to fans of a certain franchise; whether or not it makes sense or if anyone else cares is something else. But one thing I've learned, as I played Mario and Sonic Olympics, is that not all great icons belong in the same room.

Chadness3007d ago

I agree. With crossover characters in the same genre it helps, as well, to possibly expose would-be fans of a game to it that wouldn't have otherwise known about it or cared much. If that makes any sense.

Ninferno3007d ago

marvel vs. capcom = best

Duke Spookem3007d ago

I think video game cross overs only achieve something (more sales/hype) when the game is good. With that being said, I don't think Capcom will achieve anything.

taz80803007d ago

Gotta agree, I think the capcom try to add gears characters is FAIL Really no point.

AzarVC3007d ago

So really adds no point to this game. Seems really weird to add in such seemingly random characters to this game.

Hitman07693007d ago

I don't think that anything is being achieved from online skins that couldn't be achieved for free on PC by a simple mod. If they add to the storyline of it and do something there then yeah it would be epic but really as simply multiplayer characters I am underwhelmed and let down by the initial excitement this caused because I know it will simply become a boring tacked on skin by the time it's all said and done. And @above yes it's largely just a marketing tool apparently and that's not what true gamers care about, we want you to mix the story of Gears of War , Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, and Lost Planet, or don't cross them over at all.

Hitman07693007d ago

I still wonder if this is free or what....