Rumor: Black/white Wii bundles heading to GameStop

Rumor has it that two new bundles will soon be available at GameStop (including the arrival of the black Wii in North America).

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Ziriux2862d ago

That black Wii is just too sexy, I can't wait till they become available here in North America.

mau642862d ago

Everybody already has a wii, but if a company can put out a different color and convince people to buy it its Nintendo... I could use another one honestly lol JJ

eagle212862d ago

You have Super Mario Galaxy 2 coming in May. So two new Wii bundles now with Wii Sports Resort/Motion Plus in white or black for $199 on May 9th sounds right. Plus that's around college graduations/mother's day...makes perfect sense.

NateNater2862d ago

Nintendo should make the black Wii have a glowing red light instead of blue. That would be pretty awesome. Too bad I already have a Wii though.

n4f2861d ago

they should make the lighht of the wiimote red also

ironcreed2862d ago

I just bought a white one the other day. Oh well.

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