Let the Flame-Wars Continue

Brandon Winfrey/Mucudadada from GamesOnSmash writes, "If you have discussed gaming at all within the past few years you have no doubt seen a flame-war or two. Two sides harshly battle each other of anti-aliasing, frame rate, and CPU specs. Most of the time, the discussion debases itself to name calling and caps-locked typing, but I see the good in all that. Fanboys do more for the industry than you might expect."

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Persistantthug3037d ago

That’s wrong. People have been debating and arguing about best films and best actors for decades. What about Sports? People to this day still argue about Lakers vs. Celtics…certainly Yankees vs Red Sox.

MS vs Apple.
Fanboy arguments have been around for much longer than game consoles.

I myself like to debate too. But just because we argue and debate because we disagree about which is the better console, that doesn’t mean we have to become DISAGREEABLE and call each other names and be rude and repugnant with each other.
Those who do that, that more of an individual case of being a jerk and/or immature.

With that said…

PS3 > broken down XBOX 360’s.

wollie3036d ago

Celtics > Lakers you fool! Flame on!

in all serious though the flame wars make gaming interesting. The only thing i wish is that we could have discussion about games that don't *always* turn into to flame wars. Look at any thread on this site, the first 10 posts are quality and then someone starts a flame war. every. single. time.

chak_3036d ago

cavs > celts + lakers anyway

Same goes for PC >>>> ps3 + 360

I don't even know why there is debate, truth is truth

Lex_Yayo_4073036d ago

It's all about the Magic > Lakers > Cavs > Celtics.

chak_3036d ago

having superman is cheating sorry superpower don't count in real life