Starcraft 2 Kart Race Map Using New Map Editor

The recent Starcraft 2 patch was released just last week and players are already getting creative. A modder known as Everdraed has created a very interesting map using units from Starcraft 2 placed into a Mario Kart racing theme.

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ruibo3003d ago

Thor needs some turtle shells!

srfto3003d ago

It is going to be awesome playing these original map setting maps

TheIneffableBob3003d ago

Can't wait until they update the beta to let us play custom maps.

magicwalnuts3003d ago

I can do this on my 360 already, who plays games on the PC anyway, its dead obvz

Letros3002d ago

Blizzard games are a blast, but the custom created games are what keep me going back daily.

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