Rockstar Week on Steam

Steam has kicked off Rockstar Week, offering short sales all week long, starting with GTA: Vice City for just $2.50 for two hours, as well as taking 50% off of the 13 game Rockstar Collection through the entirety of the sale week.


The Vice City sale has ended. When the next short sale appears we'll pass it along.

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White-Sharingan2914d ago

Update: The Vice City sale has ended. When the next short sale appears will pass it along.


Ocelot5252913d ago

still available for a dime in the budget bins of many gameshops

Pandamobile2914d ago

GTA Vice City for $2.50. Didn't even think about whether I really want to play it or not I just bought it.

Lol impulse shopping.

NegativeCreepWA2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I buy too many games from Steam on impulse, some of the sells are to good to resist. Im still pissed I missed the Deus Ex sell.

Ocelot5252913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

mispost srry

STONEY42914d ago

Hate it when I miss these 2 hour sales. -_- I've been wanting to play Vice City again (rented it on PS2 back when it was released) but I can't find it anywhere, this would have been perfect.

ScubaSteve12914d ago

omg really best buy has them for cheap last time i was there they were going for 7.99 for the ps2, or check your local target for the pc games and get it for 9.99 or if your really lucky you can find the gta collection

STONEY42913d ago

Thing is, I see the GTA Trilogy everywhere, but I have GTA 3 on PS2 and San Andreas on PC already, so all I really need is Vice City.