OXCGN's Nintendo DSi XL Review – Is Bigger Better Or Bloated?


"It's a simple truth. Our pockets are stuffed to the brim with wallets, smartphones, mp3 players, Pokewalkers (you know you do), assorted coins, maybe even a pen or notepad for the charmingly old fashioned amongst you.

Our portable plastic gaming fixes are far more likely to reside in backpacks or handbags, but it isn't until now that this has been admitted.

So in the absence of a true Microsoft handheld, how does Nintendo's latest and largest effort rank up – the DSi XL? Let's start with the obvious, shall we?"

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BadCircuit3033d ago

I like the idea of bigger screens but if they get too big it won't be portable anymore so I'm not sure about increasing the size of the screens.

gaminoz3033d ago

I think the old DS might be a good size for kids and their little fingers, but like the review says, most people don't stick the things in their pockets, they put them in their bags.

However, if you are using it for music on walks etc. then you are more likely to want it small. I was using my PSP GO for music and it was awkward- whenever I tried to put it in a pocket it would hit the right or left bumper button changing the song. The iTouch I got is a better size for my walks because it is smaller.

So I guess it depends on what you will use it for. I love the new colours on the XL and I think I'd prefer playing games on it if the resolution holds up (which apparently it does).

REALgamer3033d ago

Yeah, I don't know why handhelds have always been so afraid to get bigger - I've never met a single person who actually puts it in their pocket. Bigger screens and better battery are far better than squinting at a tiny 'more portable' DS Lite.

There was actually a big area in my local shopping centre Nintendo had set up with lounges and DSi XLs chained to tables there and a coffee machine. All looking very classy, and clearly adult-oriented (not a single picture of mario or pokemon).

I haven't seen the white XL in the picture with the brown and red ones before. Japan-only?

The 10th Rider3033d ago

...the last portable system anybody carried around in their pocket was the GBA SP. That's 6 years ago.

HolyOrangeCows3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

"So in the absence of a true Microsoft handheld...."
Uh....aren't we forgetting something? A certain station of portability?

With the lower resolutions, I think handhelds should just get smaller. Like the Micro, the resolution was the same but with a smaller screen it looked more crisp.
You know, like when publishers release microscopic pictures of their sub-HD games to make them look better. Except this makes sense, because I'm TRYING to fit the darn thing in my pocket.

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Godem3033d ago

I'll grab one when they're cheap. I must play Pokemon Gold!

kingdavid3033d ago

May as well grab a 3ds when its out in a year or so..

Backwards compatible.

XboxOZ3603033d ago

I love the fact gamers and industry types and analysts go on about the so-called 5yr cycle of game hardware. And if any maker steps out side that limit, both the public and the industry slam them for dare pushing the hardware on the public before the old one has had its chance to run its cycle etc etc etc.

Yet, Nintendo have NEVER sat to that cycle, it puts out new pieces of hardware almost every 18-24 months, and for t he most part, they are simply extensions of a previous incarnation, never a huge deviation from something beforehand.

Every other hardware manufacture that has done anything remotely similar has been branded for doing the most obvious, changing your hardware to suit current ever changing technology.

Yet Niffty does it without so much as a sneeze from industry or consumer a like.

Drop MS in there or even Sony, and the industry and consumer would hit the roof. The thing is, the so-called 5yr cycle is no longer valid in todays fast changing world of technology. Go back 10 yrs, sure, but no longer.

The fuss about MS changing the 360 before a 10 yr period is up, or the PS3 doing the same is down right absurd to the extreme. In industry, if they did that, they'd be out of business withing a few years.

The 360's new replacement will be announced soon enough, and you watch the fuss that will come from that.

But Niffy will announce it's successor to the Wii soon, and Sony have already changed the face of their PS 3 in shape and internals - new body shape and overall size plus the removal of several components, and features to make it financially viable - as it should have been when it was released - (not much fuss about that actually - funnily enough - another Japanese home breed company hmmmm).

Niffty already have plans for another model which is underway, the fact that the public are unaware of these things is sometimes mind bobbling.

I'm not saying the constant change is not good, it is, for technology's sake and the end users sake, but the fuss over it for 'some' makers is just over reaction by opposing forces, as when a maker who has constant customers, who often have several of the same device, buy the next item up for grabs, simply say nothing and fork out the funds for yet another 'similar' item.

SO when your hardware starts to drop to a point where your initial price point was nice and high, introduce a new line, basically the same, and whack the initial price point back on, millions buy it, and you don't lose too much in the process. Niffty makes billions and its shareholders get happier every month.

gaminoz3033d ago

The PSP GO is better just for the better battery life! Only now you can't get a second battery to put in if you are travelling!

But man the PSP 2000 I had was crap with battery life. Very good that the DS XL decided to up the battery not just for the extra screen power needs but overall too!