Embrace Alan Wake For The Sake of Survival Horror

Gaming franchises these days have become extremely recognizable, as launching a massive ad campaign is commonplace amongst new titles. Assuming the game does well, players naturally then expect for there to be a second, and maybe even a third installment in the series. There's nothing wrong with this sort of consumerism inherently, but at times it can lead to a lot of games that simply aren't recognized. It seems that this is doubly so for any game attempting to enter the thriller, or generally scary, genres of gaming. This is exactly why Alan Wake deserves a chance.

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Kyll3032d ago

Hmm, not a big horror fan, but I'm tempted.

Selyah3032d ago

Pft you don't know what you are missing :P

GameOn3032d ago

I the AW was more thriller than horror.

3032d ago
i3eyond the Circle3032d ago

Virtual Tennis must be receiving a lot of praise then huh guy? ^^

Fanb0y3032d ago


Open Zone is that way you scumbag. God, people like you drive me crazy on this site. Stricter enforcement is needed.

Resolution honestly does not matter that much. With the limited console hardware this generation, developers need to find a balance between anti-aliasing, native resolution, and the amount of stuff and detail they can have on screen at once. A game running at low resolution can have great details on screen. Just look at Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (600p, 2xAA), which despite the haters, is a pretty good looking game.

Personally, I think the ideal resolution is 720p with no AA (BFBC2 and Halo Reach). The jaggies won't really show as long as there's plenty of details on screen.
And like what Halo Reach is doing, quality motion blur and depth of field effects can hide them really well.

4Sh0w3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Sure we definitely need more of these types of games but I think we should embrace any great game= for the sake of devs making more great games. Of course not everybody can afford all these great games so ultimately some may have to choose, in that case I don't think the genre matters, just buy which ever game you will enjoy the most.

Time will tell if Alan Wake is such a game worthy of our embrace, but I'm betting it will be a great Survival Horror game, Psycological Thriller or whatever other label it fits under, which is why I'll be getting it day one.

hamoor3032d ago

so wipeout hd must be the best game EVAR because its 1080p?
Yeah keep counting pixels nerd while i enjoy this masterpiece

Tony P3032d ago

Support for the game imo doesn't mean a hell of a lot for survival horror genre. Probably because that's not the genre according to the devs.

NewZealander3032d ago

hell yeah alan wake looks insane, the graphics, atmosphere and story all look awesome.

only thing im confused about, is it a game about a tv series with cliff hangers...based on a book...

either way its day one collectors edition for me, no exceptions.

AAACE53032d ago

I'm not usually into games like Alan Wake, but it has my interest! The bad thing is, they happen to be releasing in the same month as Red Dead Redemption and i'm getting that instead. I used to buy alot of games every month, but then I realized that it's a waste for me because I usually play one game for a while and the others just kinda sit and collect dust. Some of them I ended up selling without really playing. So from now on its just 1 game a month and if I feel like getting any others, i'll do it next month!

Inside_out3032d ago

...And I'm pulling up a bar stool...can't wait...May 18...

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ShawnCollier3032d ago

The atmosphere in this game from the first 10 minutes trailer was simply amazing.

Selyah3032d ago

I actually really wanna give this a shot, its been a while since i've really found a game thrilling from a horror point of view hopefully this does it for me.

R2D23032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

The last horror game that I enjoyed was on my PS2 - cant remember the name but it had to do with some African American dude escaping from jail and some ugly ass creatures started appearing in prison.

Just googled and the game was called the suffering - man that game was creepy as hell. I alsoplayes a game called Juggernaut on the PS which to this day scares the [email protected] out of me.

Anon19743032d ago

The sound alone in that game made it worthwhile. Creepy as hell.

Other than that there hasn't been much for decent survival horror. RE 5 was a decent action game, but it didn't really feel like a survival horror game. I enjoyed it, but I'll be the first to admit it wasn't up to Resident Evil standards.

I'm very much looking forward to Alan Wake.

Anon19743032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

For saying I liked Dead Space and was looking forward to Alan Wake I got a disagree and lost a bubble. Good to see my stalkers are still alive and kicking! I'd hate to think what they'd do with themselves if they weren't harassing people for expressing their opinions. Wouldn't want them out there on the streets, that's for sure.

Ult iMate3032d ago

...Siren New Translation, anyone? The overlooked horror game.

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jammers3032d ago

I just need to see more of this game to believe in it.

GAM3R7l3032d ago

...considering all of the recent videos...not to mention the game getting leaked on Youtube by that scummy European site.

ShapelyChops3032d ago

Looks pretty good so far, but horror games are like horror movies for me, if it's bad, it's really bad. But if this game is good...OH MAN will it be good. It did hook me right from the start though, so bonus points there.

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