Multiple New Halo Reach Gameplay Videos Released

Some new scenes from the upcoming Xbox 360 title Halo: Reach

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SaberEdge3037d ago

Looks incredible. The graphics and gameplay are amazing.

Delt43037d ago

i cant wait to use the DMR! and the board layouts look great. only one week away

pixelsword3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

So I hope they don't drag their feet while we are waiting because this will be THE game to get a 360 for.

Get to opus, Bungie!

AAACE53037d ago

I haven't been this excited for a Halo game since the first one! Little over a week to go!

Traveler3037d ago

I agree, AAACE5. I am so excited for Halo Reach.

muDD3037d ago

not a bad looking game at all!

sid4gamerfreak3037d ago

Wow, good job Bungie. I don't usually play my 360, in fact it hasnt been touched since ive bought it, but things are starting to change, alan wake and now this.

My 360 is gonna get some love from me this year and more hopefully in the coming years

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8thnightvolley3037d ago

i am really hyped for the game now .. mulitplayer will be just plain wicked... campaign well that is just on a league of its own i knw bungie will show ppl how to make a hell of a good FPS it all epicness

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Tapewurm3037d ago

the game really doesn't look any different from Halo 3 to be honest. They should've just called it "Halo 3 : The New Multiplayer Maps Game (with some skins and slightly changed modes)". Not impressive at all least not to someone who isn't a blind zealot to their console of choice.

SAFARI3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Look who's talking "blind zealot".

People need to gtfo 360 news if you dont give a f#ck about 360 games and just want to throw in some fanboy comments like "nothing to see here, just some rehashed exclusive again" "so many 360 fanboys here that need to take off their fanboy goggles and see how sh!t this game really is"

Get a life and play your ps3 games and let other people be excited about the games they like.

On Topic: This is the first Halo game im looking forward to play, the multiplayer seems to be a good reason for me to start my 360 up again after not touching it for over 4 months.

Bubbly3037d ago

I wish the maps looked as good as the guns.

muDD3037d ago

PS3 fanboys have got some serious issues!

dawgsfan1173037d ago

In all seriousness why do all of the people above me who stated that they are excited about this game have more disagrees than agrees. This site has simply become a nest of fanboys where nobody can express positive feelings about a game without some idiot attacking them for it. I have all the current gen consoles and each one has different aspects that appeal to me. I just cant understand fanboyism.

As for Reach it looks like it is going to be a great way for Bungie to end their work on the Halo franchise. A few new guns and even the old weapons have been tweaked. The maps actually seem to be more fun in Reach than in previous Halo games. Seems like there is more to do in each map.

ikkokucrisis3036d ago

I may have to go out and buy a 360 now! :)

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PtRoLLFacE3037d ago

awesome!!! i really enjoyed the Invasion Slayer one

Skyreno3037d ago

its ok ... nothing that wow .. looks good

Fanb0y3037d ago

The armor abilities are ridiculous - they'll really change up how the battlefield plays out. Oh, all the crazy moments that will be created through this game...

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Cernunnos3037d ago

As much as I love UC2 and KZ2, and as much as I agree that Halo is the most overrated franchise in the world, fact is:
KZ2 720p - 30fps
UC2 720p - 30fps.

aviator1893037d ago

These videos are much better than some of the others I've seen today. The DMR is insane and..I'll have my hands on this "deathstar" in 7 days!

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