Personal Jesus: Gaming's Messianic Hero

Koku writes: "The idea of recognizing video games as art is a debate both inside the gaming community and outside of it. Some believe that video games can't be considered an art form due to the interactive nature (which is, in itself, one of the worst arguments due to the fact that we all interact with art on some level), and others believe that it is art simply due to the idea that it fits the definition. It seems that merely fitting the definition of, "a product of human creativity" isn't enough for some people, and they see it as simply a toy, and nothing more. On a personal level, I believe that the truth is found somewhere in the middle, but that is a discussion for another time."

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GUCommander3007d ago

This debate has been on the rise lately. I personally think video games can be art (flower), they can be artistic (geometry wars), and they can have no artistic value at all (god of war 3). While God of War 3 has AMAZING graphics, it is not art.

Ziriux3007d ago

Agree on all your points. Flower is art because of the way it displays, its more about the beauty than gameplay or looking at it as a video guy, i see it more as an experience in a way of how you experience art.

Xeall3007d ago

I disagree, I think all games can be considered art under this premise. All games go through the concept stage, in which games get drawn in concept art. If you look at the concept art for GOW3 you cannot deny the beauty in the design. Just because this is now rendered in 3D and presented with a large amount of gore on top, does not stop it from being any less valuable as an artistic design.

thor3007d ago


Artistic design != Art

Flower is certainly art because it is all about the presentation and the experience. GoW3 is all about another hack-and-slash gaming experience, which doesn't have the same focus. Geometry wars has some artistic merit in that it's trying to provide a new visual experience in terms of style; but then again, I still wouldn't call it art.

So I agree with GUCommander

NeoBasch3007d ago

Wow, I highly doubt half of you have even played God of War III after having made that ridiculous statement. Take the opening credits for example: That is art. No two ways about that. Also the opening fight against Poseidon is art from a game designers perspective (how it plays, how it feels, how it sounds). Matter of fact, that can be said to just about every boss fight. I mean, even when Kratos rips off Helios' head and uses it in the cave leading to Daedalus' chamber. You can't tell me that's not art. You're pretty crazy for thinking otherwise. Sony Santa Monica has perhaps some of the most talented artists in the gaming industry. One need only look so far as their art book to see that.

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cb8103007d ago

Do we really want video games to be taken that seriously?

Ziriux3007d ago

Did you read the article? lol

People just praise a game and it's characters when they love something so much. Commander Shepard is my hero, there is something Bioware did so well to make the game and it's characters so appealing that you care about them.

Cinotix3007d ago

Master Chief is not a hero, I've never seen one human besides the soliders in Halo.

StartWars3007d ago

The "can video games be art?" debate always seems to be a touchy subject.

cain1413007d ago

Chief was a fun charector

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