Visceral teases Dead Space 2 with psych evaluation, inkblot

GamerNode's Eddie Inzauto writes:
"It's not often we get a Rorschach image and notes from a pychological evaluation in our mailboxes here at GN HQ, so Visceral Games' latest teaser for Dead Space 2 was bound to catch our attention...."

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PS3Freak2792d ago

That's a very unique way to promote your game. I can't wait for this.

halojunkie2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

wonder what kind of Trophies they ds2 have.

Redrum0592792d ago

lol, ohh u guys, stop horse playin around you rugrats you.

SlamVanderhuge2792d ago

Wow, that's rad. Super excited for Dead Space 2, though Visceral's lazily made Dante's Inferno has me a bit worried

italianbreadman2792d ago

I wouldn't worry. Dead Space is their baby. Dante's Inferno seemed like something churned out to grab some of the spare God of War excitement.

Kakihara2792d ago

I don't get it ... why would they promote their game with a picture of my grandma naked spreading her legs??

kasasensei2792d ago

Good marketing.
"Intelligent hype" if you ask me.

italianbreadman2790d ago

If not, at least it's fun. :-)