Remember When: You Didn't Know Enough Was Enough

DualShockers writes: "It was 1993 (give or take a year). My sister and I are playing two-player Super Mario Kart for SNES. If memory serves me correctly, we were playing Grand Prix and racing on one of the Koopa Beaches. Our grandmother took care of us and my parents were close to coming home from work..."

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Chadness2704d ago

I used to be that way, back in my heavy WoW-raiding days. That was a while ago though, back between late vanilla WoW and early BC-era. I don't touch raiding with a 10-foot pole these days, for fear of a relapse.

taz80802704d ago

LOL @ relapse comment, its funny cuz its true

Ninferno2704d ago

everything is more funny when it's true. great article to say the least

Ninferno2704d ago

i need to stop pooping my pants

Hitman07692704d ago

I totally remember when I didn't remember enough is enough lol. RuneScape - Years of my life, Oblivion - 1000+ Hours, Warhawk - 800 hours and counting, Fallout 3 - somewhere around 500 hours and I keep losing all my files (to broken ps3s or ps3 upgrades that I'm too lazy to do right) and restarting (which I will continue to do cuz I love the game).

Hitman07692704d ago

any old game I like I will stay up for 72 hours in a row if its captivated me correctly!

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