Red Dead Redemption Site Multiplayer Section Update: Competitive Modes Details

Rockstar writes - "As a follow-up to last week's Red Dead Redemption Gameplay Series: Competitive Multiplayer video and this morning's exclusive new screens, we've updated the official Multiplayer page at the Red Dead Redemption site with some more detail on Competitive Multiplayer - including info on Challenges, Free-For-All and Gang Matches."

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GLoRyKnoT2786d ago

pre-orderd long ago! lookin good!

captain-obvious2785d ago

im getting this and MNR at same day

divideby02785d ago

RDR is the MP game that will take me away from BC2 and up to the Fall of this year

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2785d ago

same. I can see this lasting me for ages, though i think ill probably move around games like RDR BC2 Episodes from Lib. City etc.

BeaArthur2785d ago

Can't wait to see how the free roam plays.

bjornbear2785d ago

but i can't wait to make a posse =D!

TheDarkness2785d ago

im Looking foward to getting this. but i dont now witch console is better on this game.. help me out plz. thx

zeeshan8102785d ago

You decided.
If your friends have a PS3 then get a PS3 version if they have it for Xbox360 then get the 360 version.

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