The End of the Game Manual?

SFX-360 states "Ever since we were children we always had that little paperback companion to rely on. Some of us just tossed it to the side and abandoned it but to some of us it was the guide to the galaxy, the omniscient map that led us through the most obscure elements of gameplay. Yes I am referring the game manual that accompanies every game that we have ever purchased. Sometimes they are hefty journals of information, other times they are thin, emaciated, pamphlets of content, but regardless they have always been by your side when you needed them, assuming you ever did of course.

Now we stand at the Apex of the technological age, a time where books are becoming outdated by digital text and wikis. Who bothers to pick up their game manual when they need help? Their new guide lies on websites, in game guides, faqs, and forums. They rely on the experiences of others, or self proclaimed experts and other enduring gamers like themselves, instead of the knowledge given to them by the developers. But it works, gamers succeed through their endeavors and spread their knowledge to one another creating communities of knowledge that dwarf the small compendiums found in gaming manuals and guides. Ultimately, as we trudge forward into the dense forest of advancement we leave many old friends behind in the past to chronicle our advancement. Will the game manual be the next victim of technology's overreaching and pervasive grasp?"

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