3D Glasses at Home 'Not a Deterrent,' says Jon Landau

Joystiq: With major electronics manufacturers shipping the first 3D TVs this summer and Sony having just recently updated the PS3 system software to enable 3D visuals for games (3D Blu-ray playback is coming with a later update), both the film and game industries are getting ready for the next big 3D push. Consumers voted with their dollars at the box office for Avatar, but it's not entirely clear yet if 3D will take off in the living room.

A number of industry pundits have pointed to the need to put on special 3D glasses at home as a hurdle for 3D adoption. Although companies are working towards 3D without glasses, for now the need to put on glasses isn't such a bad thing, according to Avatar producer Jon Landau.

"I see glasses as an opportunity, not a deterrent," he said. "How do we not make the glasses the white elephant in the room?

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